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Emergency links

(DIAL 911 - Know your local emergency number)

Graph of tsunami wave height in the Pacific Ocean

Kids zone


Emergency numbers

Country/region Number Purpose
Australia 000 (112 from mobile phones) All emergencies
European Union 112 All emergencies
Hong Kong, Malaysia 999 All emergencies
Singapore 112 Police
Singapore 115 Fire and Ambulance
United Kingdom, Ireland 999 (112 also works) All emergencies
United States 911 (most states) All emergencies

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Bibliography - Further Reading

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  • Tappan, Mel, Survival Guns. Boulder, Colorado: Paladin Press, Released November 1, 2009. 480 pages. ISBN-10: 1581607199, ISBN-13: 978-1581607192. [1] Amazon.com Paperback]. A classic text to help in being ready for emergencies.

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