Escape from Hell

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Escape from Hell is a 2001 drama about a medical doctor, Eric Robinson, who, along with his collegue Dr. Marissa Holloway, attempt to prove the existence of Heaven and that everyone will go there. Dr. Holloway has conducted numerous interviews with people who have had near-death experiences, and is convinced that Heaven is the final destination of everyone. Dr. Robinson purposefully places himself in a deep coma so that he can have a near-death experience. Unfortunately, he comes a little too close to death and finds himself in Hell, a place of utter torment and pain. Furthermore, to his utter shock and horror, he finds a former patient there who was a "good man", but evidently his goodness did not get him to Heaven. Now Dr. Robinson must make a choice: should he continue on in his scientism and refuse to acknowledge that he is a sinner, or will he admit that he cannot enter Heaven by any of his own merits and receive Jesus Christ as his personal savior?

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