Essay:Genesis (evolutionist version)

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In the beginning, nothing created the heavens and the earth. Nothing was used to create the planets and the stars, they simply appeared out of nothing.

The planet earth created itself, out of nothing, and just happened to be perfect for life. (This was quite lucky, as there was no life at this point - that would come from nothing later)

Nothing then created the beautiful landscapes on earth, with wonderful waterfalls and rolling hills appearing out of nothing.

Then came the ultimate creation from nothing - from nothing came life. Not only did this incredible feat involve nothing to create it, but it also appeared from nothing! With the nothing-to-life under way, it follows logically that the nothing-life managed to gather information and complexity from nothing, becoming more and more complex with each influx of nothingness.

Then nothing happened and a monkey grown from nothing gained even more complexity (from nothing) and Man was created! Man was given nothing in the way of divine guidance, nothing of a moral compass, and nothing of any meaning in his life. The nothing-monkey-man was just a wild animal, sharing only the soul of his fellow nothing relations such as apple trees and ants to zebras and zero - zero being nothing from whence we came!