Essay:Why Liberals Delight in Deceit

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Few would doubt that many liberals delight in deceit. Deceit can advance liberal goals, such as gun control or energy control or health care control, but there seems to be delight in deceit for its own sake beyond any political purpose or financial gain. Why?

One explanation is that many liberals crave attention more than anything else. Deceit is a way to create and attract self-attention. The person perpetrating the deceit becomes more self-centered as a result, which he seeks, and even if he ultimately fails he will still gain more attention from others.

The truth attracts no attention to oneself. If anything, it increases the attention and focus on God, something many liberals oppose.

Deceit's Victims

The more pervasive deceit is, the greater the harm. Virtually everyone becomes a victim at some point and to some extent. The difference is whether someone recognizes the existence of deceit and has an open mind for dealing with it.

The most effective forms of deceit have an effect of closing the mind. In some cases one has to admit to himself being deceived, and even admit to harming others, in order to move past the deceit.

Few students learn about the pervasiveness of deceit. Adults become aware of deceit -- indeed, this is awareness is a key part of adulthood -- yet have trouble accepting that part of their own lives was wasted by due to being fooled by deceit.