Essay: Attention atheists: Please get a life!

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More evidence that atheists quite often tend to be white, unmarried, socially challenged nerds! An atheists' meeting was organized in the United States concerning the future direction of the atheist movement and 370 people attended. The New York Times described the attendees as "The largely white and male crowd — imagine a Star Trek convention, but older..."[1] For more information, please see Atheism appears to be significantly less appealing to women and Atheism and marriageability

Atheists, please consider the advice that William Shatner gave to Trekkies in a comedy skit: "Get a life!" VIDEO

It is time to abandon your atheist fantasy land - evolution and abiogenesis are atheist science fiction tales pretending to be science. God's creation testifies to His existence.

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Danger signs you may becoming an atheist nerd

10 telltale signs you are on your way to becoming a lonely atheist nerd

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The white, evolutionist, atheist, nerd Carl Sagan, who was divorced two times, was an avid marijuana smoker who claimed marijuana gave him scientific insights.[2] Sagan's atheism and avid pot smoking no doubt helped inspire Sagan's atheistic pseudoscience fantasy that evolution was a "fact".[3]

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1. When you are at your girlfriend's house, you cannot stop scowling at her mother's pictures of Jesus (Please see: The atheist and evolutionist helpline).

2. You own more pocket protectors than shirts.

3. You spend countless hours arguing with your girlfriend on the true definition of atheism and insist you are not diluting the definition of atheism given in most encyclopedias of philosophy.

4. You tell your girlfriend that she is merely a result of blind random natural forces and there is nothing particularly special about her. Of course, this lets her know that you are an insensitive liar and she starts crying (see: Atheism and deception).

5. You fly into an uncontrollable rage when your girlfriend brings up shockofgod's question.

6. After your last girlfriend dumped you, you reminded yourself that you still have a lot of atheist subscribers at your YouTube atheism channel and your Reddit atheist friend list is quite large. In addition, your mother no longer believes you are going to get married.

7. You try to convince every woman you meet to visit atheists' websites. You do this because you are mad at Conservapedia for pointing out that the web traffic tracking companies Alexa and Quantcast indicate that a majority of web visitors to prominent atheists' websites are males (Please see: Atheism appears to be significantly less appealing to women).

8. You think Richard Dawkins has machismo or try to debate Conservapedians on the true definition of the word machismo despite the definitions the Merriam Webster dictionary offers.

9. You twitched your nose a lot at the last Richard Dawkins fan club meeting.[1]

10. Your girlfriend tells you that there needs to be better communication between you two so you buy her a Star Trek USB Communicator that will allow you two to "Stay connected Starfleet style" via Skype and IM programs.[2]

Attention male atheists! Nerds obviously have a significantly less likelihood of marrying. Lo and behold, American atheists are significantly less likely to get married than the general population.[3] Click HERE to read more about lonely atheist male nerds.

Important addendum! If you carefully examined the 10 telltale signs you are on your way to becoming a lonely atheist nerd and told yourself, I didn't match any of them therefore I am not an atheist nerd and atheists are not more prone to being nerds, that is a strong warning sign you are an atheist nerd! For more information, please see The atheist and evolutionist helpline


Atheism is most illogical.

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Survey data and website tracking data of prominent atheists' websites indicate that in the Western World, atheism appears to be significantly less appealing to women.[4][5][6] The atheist PZ Myers, who is featured in the picture above giving a presentation, recently commented that atheists' meetings tend to be significantly more attended by males.[7]

With the above in mind, does this video feature an atheist man with a robust mustache at an atheists' meeting? It certainly does not appear to! Click HERE to see the video and decide for yourself!

Bonus question: Including PZ Myers, how many atheist nerds are in the picture above?

(photo obtained from Flickr, see: license agreement)

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