Essay: Liberal wiki vandals lack machismo

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One of the definitions of machismo is an "exhilarating sense of power or strength".[1]/ With that being said, individuals with integrity and backbone when faced with internet material they disagree with, simply create refutational material that dispels the material they disagree with. On the other hand, spineless liberal wiki vandals, unable to offer cogent refutational material, feel the desire to take the cowards way out and vandalize conservative, creationist and Christian wikis. It is really quite pathetic to vandalize a wiki simply because you cannot refute some of the true and accurate material at that wiki. Rather than be kings of the internet forest, liberal vandals decide to be filthy and wretched maggots.

Every time I see a liberal wiki vandal, there is certainly a part of me that laughs at them as there is certainly no reason to take them seriously. Every act of wiki vandalism done to a conservative, creationist, and Christian wiki by a liberal vandal is a tacit acknowledgement of their intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

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