Evangelical Homosexual

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An evangelical homosexual is a homosexual who is not content merely with his own lack of heterosexuality but is also obsessed with (i) censoring expressions of heterosexuality by others and (ii) attempting to convert heterosexuals around them to homosexuality.

Examples of techniques used by evangelical homosexuals include:

  • insisting that homosexuality is not morally wrong.
  • claiming that it is possible to be a homosexual and a Christian simultaneously.
  • misusing the Bible and the command to love, to justify a practice which Biblical love for God and man disallows[1]
  • using Hollywood to portray homosexuals as "cool" and "hip".
  • drawing comparisons between homosexuals and the civil rights movement of the 60's.
  • making friends with heterosexual males for the sole purpose of converting them to homosexuality.
  • claiming to be smarter or superior than people who are not homosexual.
  • teaching, attending, or supporting colleges and universities to promote "tolerance"
  • resorting to violence if they don't get their way.

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