Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

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Evolution: A Theory in Crisis is a science book by Michael Denton published in 1985. The book is notable for being one of the first books to openly challenge the "Big Science" orthodoxy of Darwinism[1] and introducing acclaimed scientist Michael Behe to the flaws in Darwinist theory[2].


Evolution relies on the idea that a gradual change in organisms can produce new organims. Behe gives this example:

He sat on the mat.
He stt on the mat.
He sto on the mat.
He stoo on the mat.
He stood on the mat.

While the first and last sentences are meaningful, the intermediate stages are not. This is similar to how evolutionists belief that apes evolved into people - while apes and people can both successfully eat, drink, reproduce, etc., the genetic make-up of a "transitional form" would not produce a viable animal.

The book does not address Intelligent Design, but merely destroys the arguments that are typically given to support evolution.