Examples of Bias in Wikipedia: Homosexuality

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This list includes many examples of Bias in Wikipedia, related to homosexuality and the homosexual agenda:

  1. The Wikipedia entry for homosexuality is adorned with a rainbow graphic but fails to mention the following: the many diseases associated with homosexuality, the high promiscuity rates of the male homosexual community, the higher incidences of domestic violence among homosexual couples compared to heterosexual couples, the prevalence of murder in the homosexual community, and the substantially higher mental illness and drug usage rates of the homosexuality community. In addition, the Wikipedia article on homosexuality fails to mention that the American Psychiatric Association issued a fact sheet in May of 2000 stating that "..there are no replicated scientific studies supporting a specific biological etiology for homosexuality."[1]
  2. Wikipedia editors regularly and fiercely alter the use of the terms "he" or "she" in articles regarding cross-dressing/transsexual figures. Men attempting to pass as females are near-universally referred to as "she" while women attempting to pass as men are referred to as "he", despite this usage absolutely incorrect in both scientific and legal senses.
  3. Wikipedia's entry on the conservative Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern is seething with bias, unjustified smears and outright distortions.[2] Wikipedia understates that over 1500 supporters rallied in support of her criticisms of the homosexual agenda,[3] and instead, Wikipedia highlights predictable Hollywood criticisms of her stance. Wikipedia then smears her with false accusations about her family, and emphasizes charges that were never brought against her. The Wikipedia entry also misrepresents a bill that Kern introduced to protect "a student's voluntary expression of a religious viewpoint"; Wikipedia relies on an anti-Christian blog to distort Kern's bill.
  4. Wikipedia gives favored treatment to anyone who promotes the homosexual agenda, and smears those who oppose it. For example, Robert Mapplethorpe glorified homosexuality in photographs before himself dying of AIDS. Patricia Morrisroe, who according to a review in Frieze Magazine wrote a highly-critical biography of him, identified him as a racist, providing quotes to prove it.[4] Yet the Wikipedia entry about him conceals any reference to his racism.[5] Meanwhile, Wikipedia smears the American Family Association and claims it is racist for reasons not supported by its citation.[6]
  5. In a brief-lived example of pro-homosexuality bias, the category allowing users to self identify as Heterosexual was Category:Heterosexual_Wikipedians was deleted because it served no useful purpose, yet the exact same category for homosexuals Category:Gay_Wikipedians wasn't deleted until a month later, along with all other categories focused on the sexuality of Wikipedians. Category:LGBT_Wikipedians has revived itself after a delete and is still fighting to not be deleted.
  6. Wikipedia's article on the British Actor Sir Alec Guinness repeats a malicious story that has been proven false to suggest that he was a homosexual.[7] It then suggests that the biography on Guinness by Piers Paul Read confirms that he was bi-sexual. This too is false, although Read examines the rumors and speculates as to Guinness' feelings, there is absolutely no proof that Guinness was homosexual or bi-sexual. Speculation is largely contrieved from his knowing several British actors and directors who were and a rumor started by a woman who mistook John Gielgud as Guinness.
  7. Wikipedia's article on Homosexual behavior in animals is hopelessly misleading. Even though animals cannot be considered homosexual, Wikipedia wants the public to believe that animals make a conscience decision for same-sex relations by affection/bonding, and parenting. [1] This Homosexuality in animals myth is debunked by Conservapedia.
  8. California's Proposition 8 states that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." The Wikipedia article[8] does not mention that only those marriages are recognized under federal law anyway, and editors have removed any mention of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.[9]
  9. Although Wikipedia standards require discussion of gender, sexuality and homosexuality in straight-forward plain English terms, the article "Netball in the Cook Islands" (a subject that has nothing to do with sexuality) decided to comment on the fact that some men and boys on the Cook Islands play what was historically a women's sport: "Most of the men and boys who play in these gender subverting netball games are straight, though a few of the men are laelae."[10] Why use judgmental terms like "gender subverting"? How many readers understand the full connotations and implications of the word "laelae"? What research was used to determine the truth of this sentence -- did interviewers walk up to young boys playing netball on the Cook Islands and asked them how they felt about girls?
  10. The Wikipedia article "J. Edgar Hoover" has an extensive section speculating on his sexuality. That discussion goes out of its way to describe Roy Cohn as a "closeted homosexual." Three photos are placed in this section of the article -- one showing Hoover sitting with his assistant Clyde Tolson and another showing Hooever sitting with Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo. The placement of these photos and their captions may have been intended to suggest more than they show.