Examples of Bias in Wikipedia: Liberal Politicians

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This article lists examples of Bias in Wikipedia, related to Liberal politicians and the protection of them:

  1. Noting that Al Gore's 2009 statement that he won a 2007 British court case about An Inconvenient Truth ran contrary to the actual ruling and, especially, the judge's statement that the claimant won the case against the film is considered "original research" and "POV" on Wikipedia.[1]
  2. Wikpedia's entry on liberal former Vice President Al Gore contains no mention of the drug charges against his son.[2] But Wikipedia's entry on conservative Vice President Dick Cheney prominently mentions his adult daughter's sexuality.[3] However, due to Wikipedia's liberal editor base, this could be a case of only excluding what the editors believe is negative press about the politicians' respective children, which would be consistent with site policy. In such a case, this example would be better suited for the homosexuality category.
  3. When Al Gore's sex scandal was reported, no mention of this issue was allowed on the Al Gore page. The Al Gore Talk page consisted of many liberals saying that it wasn't actually a story. Attempts to create the subject matter elsewhere on wikipedia were all removed.
  4. Wikipedia's article on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign makes no mention of her endorsement by the leadership of the terrorist group Hamas,[4] but lists endorsements of Republican presidential candidates by the Ku Klux Klan.
  5. Wikipedia now promotes the late liberal icon Ted Kennedy as the leader of ... "progressivism": "By the time of his death, he had come to be viewed as a major figure and spokesman for American progressivism."[5] Where on earth did that liberal denial come from?
  6. Wikipedia's article of Jimmy Carter's Presidency is clearly biased in favor of the failed politician.[6]
  7. Progressivism: List of notable current/former progressives in US Congress: [7] Year-long edit war trying to keep well-known and self-admitted progressives Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Maxine Waters on this list. An editor with a history of left-wing neutral-point-of-view complaints is using every excuse to keep these three names off of the list. This liberal gatekeeper was first complaining about a lack of citations, but after citations were provided of Obama and Clinton in their own words describing *themselves* as progressives, the liberal editor is now trying to argue that "just because they say they are progressives doesn't mean they are", or that "They aren't current members of the Progressive caucus, thus they can't be progressives". This edit war has gone on for over a year, and is now working its way through moderation - likely via liberal moderators. See Wikipedia Progressivism Talk Page and Dispute Resolution Discussion
  8. Wikipedia editors tried strenuously to come up with reasons to censor embarrassing stories about the liberal John Edwards,[8] despite frequently including smears against conservatives.[9] Several sites have stories about Wikipedia's obvious liberal bias on this issue. [10][11][12]
  9. Wikipedia described the People for the American Way, which is a liberal advocacy group,[13] as a "progressive advocacy organization"[14] and did not mention the term liberal in its lengthy description of it until well after this deficiency was first mentioned here.[15]