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[[File:Twombly Coronation of Sesostris 2000.jpg|thumb|center|[[Cy Twombly]], ''Coronation of Sesostris'', 2000.]]
<gallery widths="280px" heights="280px">
File:Twombly Coronation of Sesostris 2000.jpg|[[Cy Twombly]], ''Coronation of Sesostris'', 2000.
File:Nelson Shanks Portrait of HRH Diana, Princess of Wales 1996.jpg|''Portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales'' Nelson Shanks, 1996.

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Famous American Painters

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. — Henry David Thoreau.

Moran.jpg Albert Bierstadt.jpg Sam Francis 2.jpg
Thomas Moran Albert Bierstadt Sam Francis

Cassatt, Mary Photo.gif

Mary Cassatt

Petite Gallery

The American masters through their artworks

Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull.

Marsden Hartley.jpg

Marsden Hartley, Blue bottle, oranges and lemons.

America is a blend of many different cultures. [1]

See also

Scene in the Canadian Rockies by Robert Scott Duncanson
Aurora Borealis by Frederic Edwin Church.

External links

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth.
Strawberries by Jacob Collins, 1998.


Rembrandt Peale, Boy from the Taylor Family, 1812.
  1. Seven Famous African-American Masters of American Art by Maxine E. Davis.

The New York Bouquet by Childe Hassam.
Suprematistic by László Moholy-Nagy.