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GOProud is a gay rights group that consists of RINOs. They claim to be conservatives who believe in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, national defense and a strong foreign policy. Per their website "We believe that every individual should be equal under the law." This stance would include the right to gay marriage. Some people believe the group has more in common with conservatism than the libertarian wing. Traditional conservatism is defined by social issues; God, heterosexual marriage, etc. As such, GOProud divides the conservative movement which is now evident in the annual CPAC convention and the refusal of social conservative groups to attend an event that promotes homosexuality from GOProud. The co-founders of GOProud are Jimmy LaSalvia and Christopher Barron, a political director for Planned Parenthood.[1] In a rejection of the homosexual agenda, the CPAC board of directors voted to exclude GOProud from future CPAC conferences.[2] In 2012, a divided GOProud board voted to endorse Republican Mitt Romney for President over Libertarian Gary Johnson, in spite of the former's anti-homosexual policies and the latter's fiscal conservatism. Barron, a supporter of Johnson, later expressed disapproval over this endorsement.

Leftist Policies and Statements

  • Christopher Barron has called Cleta Mitchell, a conservative lawyer fighting same-sex marriage in D.C., a "nasty bigot." [3]
  • GOProud attacks conservative Tim Pawlenty for his support of Don't Ask Don't Tell. [4]
  • GOProud calls conservative leader Jim DeMint "outrageous and bizarre" for suggesting the barring of openly gay teachers from school. [5]
  • GOProud attempts to dilute the Biblical condemnation of homosexuality as a sin and an abomination unto God.
  • GOProud supports having the U.S. military allow openly homosexual men and women to serve.
  • GOProud defends RINO Chuck Hagel from anti-gay accusations. [6]

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