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Grosmont is a village in North Yorkshire, not very far from the historic tourist resort / fishing port of Whitby.

It's most prominent feature is the Railways.... the local station being where the Esk Valley Railway between Whitby & Middlesbrough meets up with one of the end terminuses of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway - one of the leading preservation railway lines in the United Kingdom, and privately run by volunteers.

The village is also home to the NYMR's Engine shed, where the locomotives are stored / maintained / overhauled. It's virtually a Railway Enthusiast's paradise. One of the most recent & famous "patients" to have been overhauled there being the A4 Pacific named Sir Nigel Gresley - the same design of steam locomotive as Mallard, record holder for the world's fastest steam locomotive.

Next stop on the NYMR's line through there is Goathland