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Use "~~~~" to sign your posts on a discussion or debate page. This leaves your username and timestamp with the comment you have made.

Custom signature

To change your signature - go to "My preferences".


If you would like to use color in your signature, use the following code:

<font color="#4d4d4d">username</font>

Use this color mixer to find your desired color code here

Replace the 4d4d4d with the color code.

Examples -

<font color="#000000">username</font> --> black

<font color="#ff0000">username</font> --> red

<font color="#ffff00">username</font> --> yellow

<font color="#0000ff">username</font> --> blue

<font color="#00ff00">username</font> --> green

Superscript - <sup></sup>

Jallen talk 14:04, 8 August 2007 (EDT)

Subscript - <sub></sub>

Jallen talk