Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

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Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow (1983) is book written by an attorney and Conservative Christian Constance Cumbey. Her book exposes the Satanic pitfalls that are encountered in the exploration of the jungles of other Faiths in religious pluralism (e.g., Hinduism). Her book's subtitle is "The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism." According to Cumbey, "The heart of the New Age movement is old-fashioned Hindu occultism, which embodies the ancient lie of the serpent right out of the Garden of Eden. This promise of godhood that so captivated Eve continues to have an amazingly strong appeal for humanity today[1]." According to the liberal professor of sociology, communist sympathyzer, and probable all-around American hater Joseph B. Tamney, Cumbey's book is less than restrained and mean[2].


The book has 13 chapters and 6 appendices. Chapter 1 "Maitreya: The New Age Messiah". Chapter 2 "Awakening to the New Age Movement". Chapter 3 "The Age of Aquarius? Or the Age of the Antichrist?". Chapter 4 "The Movement: A Short History". Chapter 5 "The Movement: An Overview". Chapter 6 "The New Age and Prophecy". Chapter 7 "Structure and Front Organizations". Chapter 8 "The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich?" Chapter 9 "Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning". Chapter 10 "A New Age of Satanism?". Chapter 11 "Deluded...or Deceivers?". Chapter 12 "The Old Lie: Finding God Within". Chapter 13 "How to Help New Agers". Appendix A "Selected New Age Organizations". Appendix B "The 'Great Invocation' Distribution". Appendix C "The Unity-in-Diversity Council". Appendix D "A Message from Benjamin Creme". Appendix E "The New Group of World Servers". Appendix F "Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter". Appendix G "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow". There is also a "Selected Bibliography".


While there are certain superficial similarities among most religions, orthodox Judaism and Christianity stand in direct opposition to every other blief system. It is safe to say, however, that nearly all non-Judeo-Christian religions are extremely similar because, as the Bible indicates, they come from one source, the 'god of this world'—Satan himself[1]
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