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* [[Chinese Painting]]
* [[Chinese Painting]]
* [[Greek painting]]
* [[Greek painting]]
* [[Rome painting]]
* [[Roman painting]]
* [[Middle Ages Painting]]
* [[Middle Ages Painting]]
* [[The Renaissance]]
* [[The Renaissance]]

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An Index

The history of painting crosses time and crosses all cultures.

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Sandro Botticelli, Primavera.
An Arizona Sunset Near the Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran.
Byzantine mosaic depiction of Christ at the Church of Chora in Istanbul, Turkey.
Bonampak frescos, prehispanic mural, Mexico.

And as art critics and historians can testify, there are countless conflicting theories about the function, design, style-hierarchy and aesthetics of painting, so perhaps the safest thing is to say that as "visual artists", painters are engaged in the task of creating two-dimensional works of visual expression, in whatever manner appeals to them. [1]

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Bhimbetka rock painting, India.