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Hot dog in a bun with mustard

A hot dog, or Frankfurter, is a sausage made from beef or pork (or both). Many packaged and readily available types contain chicken and mechanically-recovered meat of various unspecified kinds. Hot dogs contain seasonings and are cured and cooked. In recent years, vegetable and soy hot dogs have also gained popularity.

Hot dogs are among America's favorite foods. Hot dogs are usually served with the following condiments: (but not usually all at once)

Hot dogs were first served in buns at the Chicago World Fair of 1893.

In Popular Culture

There is often an debate as to why hot dogs come in packages of 8, when hot dog buns come in packs of 6 (or other numbers that do not agree). This often leads to much philosphical musing as to why two products, which compliment each other so well, are so mismatched.

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