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  • This article was last edited in 2014. Some of its information may be outdated.

Internet Relay Chat (or IRC) is one of the oldest protocols for online chatting and file sharing.

Some collaborative projects use it to facilitate communication between project members. Wikipedia® and Conservapedia both use freenode ( as their IRC server.

The philosophy of IRC and of collaborative projects in general seems to mesh:

  • “Catalysts try to resolve problems, not through the use of authority and special privilege, but by fostering consensus, gently nudging participants in the direction of more appropriate behavior and by generally reducing the level of confrontation rather than confronting users with problems…[while] Channel and network administrators may be catalysts…[a]n important characteristic of successful catalysts is the infrequency with which they wear authority or invoke special privilege.” (February 23rd, 2007 by Donna "SportChick" Crawford)[1]


  • Never ask before pming a staffer - you'll run out of allowed questions too quickly.
  • Don't enter a channel, ask a question, then give up and leave a minute later. Wait around a while, since users often idle in channels; your question will be seen and hopefully answered eventually.
The graphical user interface of MIRC, the most popular Internet Relay Chat client.

Some IRC channels

  • #conservapedia
  • #conservapedia-sysop (password required)

IRC Commands

Most clients still use the old slash commands of irc. Here are a few.

  1. To get onto
    • /server
  2. To join the channel
    • /join #conservapedia
  3. To change your nickname
    • /nick newnick
  4. To op someone This will only work if you are op(erator of the channel) at the time
    • /cs op #conservapedia nick
  5. to deop
    • /dop #conservapedia nick
  6. To set the topic
    • /topic new topic here


To connect to an IRC server, you need some kind of program. Command Prompt can be used, but GUI programs are generally preferred. Here are some popular ones:

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