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The article Internet atheism: The thrill is gone! points out that internet atheism has been in a significant slump since 2008.

During the period of 2008 to 2012, the atheist community made a concerted effort to spread atheism through means of the internet. However, leading atheist websites have seen plunges in web traffic during this same period and during the first half of 2012.[1]

An article entitled Internet atheism: The thrill is gone! declares:

In 2007, the Bible believer Chuck Norris noted that atheists were making a concerted effort to spread atheism via the internet. As you you will soon see via the graphs below, it has been an abysmal failure! The atheist community flooded the internet with a lot of shallow, ill reasoned fluff that many in the public quickly dismissed.[2]

For more information see: Internet atheism - post 2007 market share loss

In 2012, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS) reported that globally every day there are 800 less atheists per day, 1,100 less non-religious (agnostic) people per day and 83,000 more people professing to be Christians per day.[3][4]

(see also: Global atheism and Decline of atheism and Atheist population and Global Christianity)

In May of 2012, it was pointed out by supporters of Creation Ministries International's Question evolution! campaign that from a global internet perspective the public's interest in the views of the agnostic/weak atheist Richard Dawkins and the atheist PZ Myers and in atheism are on the decline while interest in Jesus and Christianity are on the upswing.[5]

In 2007, WorldNetDaily featured a column by Chuck Norris concerning atheism and the internet which declared:

Atheists are making a concerted effort to win the youth of America and the world. Hundreds of websites and blogs on the Internet seek to convince and convert adolescents, endeavoring to remove any residue of theism from their minds and hearts by packaging atheism as the choice of a new generation. While you think your kids are innocently surfing the Web, secular progressives are intentionally preying on their innocence and naivete.

What's preposterous is that atheists are now advertising and soliciting on websites particularly created for teens...

YouTube, the most popular video site on the Net for young people, is one of their primary avenues for passing off their secularist propaganda.[6]

Atheism internet outreach efforts, however, have been very ineffective.


Reddit atheism

See also: Reddit atheism

Reddit atheism, also known as r/atheism, is one of the largest internet groups of atheists. Mashable reported that Reddit atheism recently grew to 2 million members so it may very well be the largest online community of atheists.[7]

A June 14, 2013 Mashable article declared:

In recent years, r/atheism has become known for memes, images, quote pictures and other content viewed by some as "low brow."[8]

In response, a supporter of the Question evolution! campaign wrote:

Question: Is the low quality, evolution loving public school system pumping out an inordinate amount of low skill, rebellious, spoiled atheist brats? Is Reddit atheism made up of a lot of low skill, atheist brats? Yes, it is. Reddit atheism is filled with a lot of mind numbing foolishness. It is an intellectual wasteland. Furthermore, we know that once you establish a reputation for something it is very hard to re-position yourself. See: Re-positioning the decades long "atheist nerd brand" is going to be close to impossible

Of course, the whole atheist "movement" (which is in global decline in terms of its adherents) is low brow and that is why so many of them are afraid to debate the creation vs. evolution issue. See: 21st century atheism is well-known for its cowardice and Global decline of atheism/agnosticis

See also: 7 reasons why atheism has developed a reputation of being low-class and "low brow" [9]

Reddit atheism and cowardice

See also: Atheism and cowardice and Evidence for Christianity

In May of 2013, Policymic published an article on Reddit atheism entitled Reddit Users: Why Atheist Redditors Are Stuck On the Internet which declared that Reddit atheists are reluctant to proclaim their atheism offline.[10]

The Policymic article declared:

Are we to make cowards out of Reddit’s atheists for the discrepancy between the prevalence of real life and internet proclamations of godlessness? Maybe, as the world’s loudest atheist, Richard Dawkins, first bemoaned in his TED talk, “Atheists do not want to be impolite … Can we stop being so damned polite?” Or, as R/atheist stalwart with the username “blackstar9000” explained in a very thoughtful post on the state of the atheist subreddit, “Many of the users are just recently converted, who fear being ostracized by people the religious people who make up their support system.”[11]

Beginning in the 1980s and accelerating in 2011 and beyond, atheism, agnosticism and Darwinism have developed a reputation of cowardice. See: Atheism and cowardice and Creation scientists tend to win the creation vs. evolution debates and Instances of Richard Dawkins ducking debates

Ineffectiveness of global internet atheism outreach

See also: Global atheism and Decline of atheism and Atheist Population and Resources for leaving atheism and becoming a Christian

The internet is a global medium which growing rapidly in usage throughout the world.[12] In 2011, the American Spectator citing research published in the International Bulletin of Missionary Research reported that atheism is on the decline as a whole in terms of adherents.[13]

The American Spectator declared:

The report estimates about 80,000 new Christians every day, 79,000 new Muslims every day, and 300 fewer atheists every day. These atheists are presumably disproportionately represented in the West, while religion is thriving in the Global South, where charismatic Christianity is exploding."[14]

Ineffectiveness of New Atheism internet outreach

See also: Ineffectiveness and weakness of atheist internet outreach and Christian internet evangelism and Evidence for Christianity

Stephen Prothero wrote an article in 2008 concerning the ineffectiveness of the New Atheism which also applies to atheism internet evangelism.

In a March 10, 2008 USA Today article Stephen Prothero stated the following regarding the impact of the "New Atheism":

Numbers lie, but they also tell tales untrustworthy and otherwise. So the key question stirring around the much discussed U.S Religious Landscape Survey released in late February by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life is what tale does it state about the state of the union.

For some, the story of this survey, based on interviews in multiple languages with more than 35,000 adults, is the strength of American Religion.

Not too long ago, I wrote that American atheism was going the way of the freak show. As books by Christopher Hitchens and other "new atheists" climbed the best seller lists, I caught a lot of flak for that prophecy. But atheist make up only 1.6% of respondents to this survey....[15]

A prime reason for the ineffectiveness of the New Atheism and internet atheism is the shallowness of its material. For example, even atheist philosopher Michael Ruse stated that Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion made him "embarrassed to be an atheist".[16]

Internet atheism evangelism contrasted with Christian internet evangelism

See also: Resources for leaving atheism and becoming a Christian and Christian internet evangelism and Evidence for Christianity

Global Media Outreach is the internet evangelism arm of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI). Recently, Global Media Outreach has seen a dramatic increase in the results of their internet evangelism efforts. [17] In addition, in August of 2010, Global Media Outreach announced it is combining forces with Joni and Friends International Disability Center to recruit Christians with disabilities who would like to spread the gospel and minister to others via the internet. By combining forces with Joni and Friends, Global Media Outreach benefits by having access to some 650 million people with disabilities worldwide.[18]

In 2006, Alan Beeber of CCCI predicted that internet evangelism will result in more conversion that all other forms of evangelism for CCCI combined.[19]

Unlike Christianity, which is supported by a large body of sound evidence (see: Christian apologetics), atheism has no proof and evidence supporting its ideology. Also, there have been notable atheists conceding there is compelling evidence for the existence of God and becoming ex-atheist. As a result, atheism often relies on asserting fragile assumptions that are contrary to the existing evidence.[20] In addition, atheists/skeptics do have a tradition of making assumptions that later have proved errant.[21]

Please also see: Resources for leaving atheism and becoming a Christian

Sam Harris and Project Reason

See also: Project Reason

The atheist Sam Harris launched the website Project Reason and the project and one of the aims of the project was to archive the "best" secular material on the internet.

A June 26, article entitled Sam Harris, Project Reason failed discusses the lack of success of the website. See: Harris, Project Reason failed

Embarrassing incident concerning the website of the American Atheists

See also: American Atheists

A Question evolution! campaign blog declares about the website of the American Atheists organization:

The popular Christian YouTube video creator Shockofgod just released a hilarious video entitled Proof atheism & evolution are stupid.

On the video, he first did a Google search at Google USA for the word "atheism". The #1 search result for atheism was for the website of the American Atheists organization and they misspelled the words "separation" and "church" on the main page title tag for their website. The title of their website reads: "Supporting Civil Rights for Atheists and the Seperation of Curch and ...". Did the American Atheist organization's webmaster go to one of the many evolution indoctrinating public schools with a high drop out rate? It appears so!

Is it any wonder that the American Atheists organization has been silent concerning the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign? Besides being poor spellers the American Atheists organization's staff is probably poor when it comes to science as well![22]

Atheist PZ Myers says atheists are largely a population of internet nerds and geeks

See also: Atheism and marriage and Atheism and women

In 2013, the atheist PZ Myers declared:

If we're going to expand our base and we're going to draw in more people to recognize the virtues of living in a secular world, we need to appeal to more than just that geek and nerd subset of the population. We need to have a wider base. ...I seriously believe that we're on the cusp of a crisis. We're not there yet but it's looming in front of us. Will we adapt and thrive and change the world? Or will we remain an avocation for a prosperous and largely irrelevant subset of the population? Will we become something more than a scattered society of internet nerds? That's what we have to do.[23]

In response, Evolution News and Views wrote:

A crisis looms, in Myers's view, because he looks around himself and sees a not very promising basis for a mass movement. He's right. There is indeed a quality of geeky isolation from reality, common sense, and the fullness of life that I see as a motif in atheist and Darwin activism alike.[24]

Christian websites with a large focus on the topic of atheism


Four of the more notable defense of Christianity websites which have a large focus on the topic of atheism are: True Free Thinker, the Creation Ministries International resources on atheism, the Fixed Point Foundation website, and Atheism Analyzed.

YouTube atheist TheAmazingAtheist on rape

See also: Atheism and rape and Atheism and women and Elevatorgate

TheAmazingAtheist is YouTube's most subscribed to YouTube channel produced by an atheist and as of February of 2012 it had over 280,000 subscribers. In 2012, he viciously told a rape victim "you deserved it" and told her that her rapist "deserved a medal". He also told her that she should try to relive the rape in her mind.

Christian apologist Marian Grinbank wrote concerning TheAmazingAtheist's comments directed towards a rape victim:

A frightening consideration is that it may very well be this personage’s worldview which leads him to such depths of malice...

He also told another woman:

"You’re lucky it wasn’t me. I’d have busted your ******* nose and raped you."

And has also offered a graphic descriptions of how he would rape a rape victim again.

This is in keeping with his modis operandi which, sadly, is a manner whereby some people get and keep a lot of attention. Of course, it is pathetic that some people are so very desperate for attention that they seek it regardless of whether it is good, bad or ugly.

This particular Atheist is the organizer of a group, aptly, called The Atheist Scum United and refers to himself as “God of the Godless,” “subhuman,” and “scumbag.” Could not have said it better ourselves.

But the belligerence does not stop at his victimization of rape victims but he also takes aim at the dead. He has referred to people who committed suicide due to bullying as having been "weak."

What such a person needs, truly needs, is love and prayer because they are obviously hurting very, very badly.[25]

See also: Elevatorgate

Atheism websites and polyamory

See also: Internet atheism and polyamory

Polyamory is a general term to denote relationships involving more than one individual. In polyamorous relationships often one man is “dating” several women and each of the women is in turn dating several men.[26] and polyamory

On June 13, 2012, an advocate of the Question evolution! campaign wrote: is an atheist website devoted to the issue of polyamory in relation to atheism., where this Question Evolution! Campaign blog is hosted, has a statistics feature which among other things gives the total views of a blog in a given day. For the day of 5/13/12 (which is the last full day that has statistics for) this blog received 1,202 total views according to

This Question evolution! blog, which has not yet been heavily promoted, has an Alexa traffic rank of 2,178,256 as of June 14, 2012. The website has an Alexa traffic rank of 2,276,133 as of June 14, 2012.[27]

Atheist Nexus and polyamory

The website Atheist Nexus bills itself as "The World’s Largest Coalition of Nontheists and Nontheist Communities."[28] As of June 14, 2012, the website Atheist Nexus had an entire group devoted to polyamory.[29]

Wikipedia on polyamory

The website Wikipedia was founded by the atheist Jimmy Wales and the agnostic Larry Sanger. Wikipedia has a pro-atheism/evolution slant.

For example, the current Wikipedia article on atheism is very flattering to atheism. As of June 14, 2012 the Wikipedia atheism article does not explicitly mention the tens of millions who died under atheist communist regimes although it does allude to it. Dr. R. J. Rummel, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii, is the scholar who first coined the term democide (death by government). Dr. R. J. Rummel's mid estimate regarding the loss of life due to communism is that communism caused the death of approximately 110,286,000 people between 1917 and 1987.[30] In addition, as of June 14, 2012, Wikipedia had no article on militant atheism and deleted its article written on militant atheism.[31]

As of June 14, 2012 Wikipedia had this flattering description of polyamory:

Polyamory, often abbreviated as poly, is often described as consensual, ethical, or responsible non-monogamy. The word is sometimes used in a broader sense to refer to sexual or romantic relationships that are not sexually exclusive, though there is disagreement on how broadly it applies; an emphasis on ethics, honesty, and transparency all around is widely regarded as the crucial defining characteristic.[32]

For more information please see: Atheist leaders and immoral relationships

Demographic data of atheism websites

Prominent general atheist websites appear to receive significantly less traffic from women

The website run by the organization American Atheists organization has significantly less women trafficking their website according to Alexa and Quantcast.[33][34] The Internet Infidels website, the Secular Web, has significantly less woman trafficking their website according to Alexa and Quantcast.[35][36] The British Website New Humanist Magazine receives significantly less traffic from women according to Alexa and Quantcast.[37][38] Atheist Ireland also has significantly less women trafficking their website according to Alexa (there is no web traffic data from Quantcast).[39]

New Atheism websites appear to receive significantly less traffic from women

The four most prominent writers of the New Atheist movement are Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel Dennett. Like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris has his own website. According to the website tracking firms Alexa and Quantcast women frequent the website of and significantly less than men.[40][41][42][43]

Internet atheism and quarrelsome atheists

See also: Atheist factions

In 2010, the Christian apologetics website True Free Thinker wrote:

Scienceblogger Chad Orzel described the commentators on PZ Myers ' site Pharyngula, and other commentators, as "screechy monkeys."[44]

Richard Dawkins' battle with online fans

In February of 2010, the news organization The Telegraph reported Richard Dawkins was "embroiled in a bitter online battle over plans to rid his popular internet forum for atheists of foul language, insults and 'frivolous gossip'."[45] Given that Wired Magazine and Vox Day declared for various reasons that atheists tend to be quarrelsome, socially challenged men, it is not surprising the online dispute was bitter. In addition, Richard Dawkins has a reputation for being abrasive.

Christian thwarting of atheist cyberbullying

see also: Atheistic bullying

There is a widespread problem with atheist cyberbullying on YouTube toward Christian and creationist YouTube channels. CreationWiki has developed a web page entitled Creationist YouTube video designed to show creationists how to thwart atheist/evolutionist cyberbullies. Also, one popular Christian YouTube channel, shockofgod, was shut down several times by atheist cyberbullying through false reports but he was able to thwart their cyberbullying using some effective tactics.[46]

Christian YouTube channel Shockofgod and atheism

See also: Shockofgod

Logo for the shockofgod YouTube channel

The YouTube channel shockofgod is a popular Christian YouTube channel which offers various critiques of atheism plus offers various satires of atheism and humorous quips about atheism. Shockofgod caused a great deal of consternation among YouTube atheists by asking them the question "What proof and evidence do you have that atheism is accurate and correct". There have been atheists who have left atheism and mentioned that shockofgod's YouTube channel was helpful.[47]

Classic quotes from the Christian YouTube channel shockofgod

See also: Attempts to dilute the definition of atheism and Comedy and satires concerning atheism and evolution

  • I received another email about someone becoming a Christian and leaving atheism... Now as you guys know, the atheist community on YouTube and also on radio and TV...They are in panic mode. It is obvious. Everyone on YouTube can see that this question that we are asking atheists that they cannot answer is really panicking the atheist community....Here is the question and then we will get to these awesome emails of atheists leaving atheism because the atheists cannot provide proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct...The question is: What proof and evidence can you provide that PROVES that atheism is accurate and correct?...You see I left atheism because the lack of proof and evidence that it is accurate and correct. The proof and evidence is for Jesus Christ.[48]
  • "We are getting atheists leaving atheism. They are like dropping like flies. They are realizing...You know what? Atheism is madness. There is no proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct."[49]
  • "An email from an atheist: 'There is no proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct. Happy now?' Ha! Ha! Ha! And he goes on and on about Santa Claus. Oh atheists, feel the sting."[50]
  • "The hostility I am getting over this question is unbelievable...It's like..picture this...Atheism is a clown and it did not know it. And then I got the clown and I walked it over...I forced it to look itself in the mirror. And it sees itself in all its red hair, big nose, big shoes, polka dot glory."[51]
  • "You atheists, I love you, but it must feel very embarrassing to be involved in something where there is no proof and evidence that it is accurate and correct."[52]
  • "The Atheists Experience Show has failed. Dprjones has failed. Well, you know they're atheists. They're used to failure...Every atheists has failed."[53]
  • "What proof and evidence can you provide as an atheist that atheism is accurate and correct. Game over atheists. You have nothing. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Game over."[54]

Internet atheism and obesity

See also: Atheism and obesity and Internet atheism and obesity

As noted earlier, atheists are very active on the internet. In 2009, an Australian university study was done concerning the association between leisure time internet and computer use with being overweight and/or obese and also sedentary.[55] The study concluded: "These findings suggest that, apart from nutritional and physical activity interventions, it may also be necessary to decrease time spent in sedentary behaviors, such as leisure-time Internet and computer use, in order to reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity."[56]

According to the Gallup Organization, "Very religious Americans are more likely to practice healthy behaviors than those who are moderately religious or nonreligious."[57] Please see: Atheism and obesity

Picture of an overweight PZ Myers

PZ Myers

(photo obtained from Flickr, see license agreement)

PZ Myers is an atheist biology professor and active blogger who writes a blog entitled Pharyngula. A 2010 picture taken in Australia shows PZ Myers drinking ale/beer and he had excess weight in his abdominal area.[58] A 2009 picture of a significantly overweight PZ Myers can be found HERE. In 2010, PZ Myers had health problems related to his heart.[59] In addition, medical science research indicates that excess weight impairs brain function.[60][61] Given PZ Myers' biological training and the wide dissemination of the harmful health effects of being overweight in terms of cardiovascular health and brain function, it is unfortunate that preventative medicine was not used in greater measure in terms of his health.[62][63][64] PZ Myers' inattention to diligently implementing the recommendations of medical science is not entirely surprising given his vehement advocacy of evolutionary pseudoscience. There have been a number of notable evolutionists who have been overweight.

New Atheism's leadership and problems with being overweight

see also: New Atheism leadership and problems with being overweight

The term New Atheism which first appeared in the November 2006 edition of Wired magazine, is frequently applied to a series of six best-selling books by five authors that appeared in the period between 2004–2008. These authors include Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Victor J. Stenger and Christopher Hitchens.[65] 3 out of 5 of these leaders of the New Atheism movement have had issues with being overweight as can be seen HERE and HERE and HERE PZ Myers is also a leader within the New Atheism movement and as noted earlier, Myers has had problems with being overweight.

Hippocrates was an early advocate of the health benefits of exercise and also nutrition (see also: Nutritional science).[66] On the other hand, PZ Myers and a significant amount of other New Atheists leaders, seem to lack a full appreciation of the importance of nutritional science, exercise science and the latest findings of medical science (see: New Atheism leadership's problem with excess weight}.

There are a number of plausible explanations concerning the significant problems the New Atheism leadership has had with being overweight.

PZ Myers' visit to the Creation Museum

In August 2009, PZ Myers led a group of over 300 atheist and agnostic students on a tour of the Creation Museum.[67] During the visit, Myers had noticeably greater difficulty than others climbing on and off a dinosaur model due to the fact that he was overweight and out of shape.VIDEO

Greta Christina

Greta Christina is a popular atheist blogger at In addition, she is a atheist speaker and author. A 2007 picture of an overweight Greta Christiana can be found HERE. She is in a same-sex marriage with a woman named Ingrid.[68]

YouTube atheism and obesity


As noted earlier, atheists are very active on YouTube. [69] As of December of 2010, the most popular YouTube channel run by an atheist is TheAmazingAtheist YouTube channel which has over 175,000 subscribers. TheAmazingAtheist YouTube channel is produced by an overweight atheist.[70] In one video, TheAmazingAtheist exclaimed "Why am I so fat?"[71]

On August 12, 2012, an article entitled Atheism: A religion of degenerates declared:

TheAmazingAtheists was caught on videotape doing something very perverse and unusual with chocolate syrup, coffee and a banana! The embarrassing episode was dubbed BananaGate. One of the last things TheAmazingAtheist needs in his residence is chocolate syrup given the abundant amount of flab which hangs over his belt... This is another example of atheism being a religion of foolish and depraved clowns.[72]
Matt Dillahunty

(photo obtained from Creative commons, see license agreement)

Matt Dillahunty

Matt Dillahunty currently serves as the president of the Atheist Community of Austin. In addition, Mr. Dillahunty also serves as a host of the internet radio show "Non-Prophets Radio" and of the Austin television cable access show "The Atheist Experience" which rebroadcast shows on YouTube. As of April 21, 2011, the Atheist Experience show had over 30,000 YouTube subscribers.

Matt Dillahunty was raised a Southern Baptist but now likes the works of non-Christians such as Robert Ingersoll, Voltaire and the atheists Dan Barker, Richard Dawkins and Farrell Till.[73]

Mr. Dillahunty also promotes himself via Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, the popular Christian YouTube channel Shockofgod produced a humorous video which featured Matt Dillahunty entitled Why does atheism leave us hungry for truth?.

Physical and mental health related problems associated with obesity

See also: Atheism and Mental and Physical Health and Physical and mental health related problems associated with obesity

Some of the medical conditions associated with obesity include: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, coronary artery disease (CAD), stroke, arthritis, cancer, sleep apnea, reproductive problems in women and varicose veins.[74] In addition, medical science research indicates that excess weight impairs brain function.[75]

Medical research indicates that excess weight impairs brain function.[76]

According to the Mayo Clinic some of the symptoms associated with obesity can include:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnea
  • Pain in your back or joints
  • Excessive sweating
  • Always feeling hot
  • Rashes or infection in folds of your skin
  • Feeling out of breath with minor exertion
  • Daytime sleepiness or fatigue

Secular Web website

The Secular Web, owned by Internet Infidels, is one of the principal websites for those who advocate atheism, agnosticism and skepticism on the internet. Christian apologist JP Holding wrote: "The Secular Web has a few intelligent people, but overall has long been a haven for every skeptical know-it-all to pronounce judgments upon matters outside of their expertise."[78] Although JP Holding has written rebuttals of the more well known members of the skeptical community such as David Hume[79], Friedrich Nietzsche[80] and G.A. Wells[81][82], Holding has also written rebuttals of lesser well known members of the secular community who publish and/or are featured on the Secular Web such as:

Dissension at the Internet Infidels forum

See also: Richard Dawkins' battle with online fans and Pharyngula

In 2007, it appears as if the Internet Infidels forum had a significant amount of internal dissension which caused some forum members to depart.[91]

Significant drop in web traffic according to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast

According to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast, the Secular Web lost a significant amount of web traffic from the period of 6/2/07 to 7/30/11.[92]


Since World War II a majority of the most prominent and vocal defenders of the evolutionary paradigm which employs methodological naturalism have been atheists.[93] EvoWiki is a failed wiki project that attempted to gain an internet audience by promoting evolutionary pseudoscience. As of September 19, 2012, it was an archived website. The website traffic tracking company Compete reported that as of August 20, 2012, EvoWiki had only 771 unique visitors a month.[94][95]

Archived status of EvoWiki

A supporter of the Question evolution! campaign quipped concerning EvoWiki's archived status:

EvoWiki is an archived wiki. They must know that nobody wants to edit EvoWiki. It is like an ugly and mangy puppy that nobody wants to play with. Can you blame them for choosing to archive it and keep it archived? Evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign. So getting editors to edit EvoWiki would be a tremendously hard sell.[96][97]

Videos on atheism

Comedy and satires concerning atheism and evolution

Conservapedia produced a number of satires and comedic material that focuses on the topics of atheism and evolution which have been cited by conservative websites:

See also

General articles and resources:

Specific topics:

Satire and comedy:


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