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Since its inception, Christianity has seen a consistent and dramatic increase in its number of adherents.[1][2] In the 1940's the Lausanne Movement was started in order to help Christendom evangelize globally with greater effectiveness and thousands of Christian leaders from around the globe meet regularly to increase the effectiveness of Christian evangelism.[3] Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) is one of the world's largest evangelism organizations within Christendom and has over 25,000 full time missionaries. In 2006, Alan Beeber of CCCI predicted that internet evangelism will result in more conversion that all other forms of evangelism for CCCI combined.[4]

Global Media Outreach

Global Media Outreach is the internet evangelism arm of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI). Recently, Global Media Outreach has seen a dramatic increase in the results of their internet evangelism efforts. [5] In addition, in August of 2010, Global Media Outreach announced it is combining forces with Joni and Friends International Disability Center to recruit Christians with disabilities who would like to spread the gospel and minister to others via the internet. By combining forces with Joni and Friends, Global Media Outreach benefits by having access to some 650 million people with disabilities worldwide.[6]

YouTube Christian evangelism

YouTube is a popular online video sharing site that provides a method distributing Christian/creationist videos across the world. The YouTube search engine is the second largest search engine in the world.[7]

Recently, Christians and Christian creationists have faced problems with atheist cyberbullies, but they have developed methods to overcome this problem.

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