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James Patrick Holding, commonly referred to as JP Holding, is a Florida-based Christian apologist and president of Tekton Apologetics Ministries which provides answers to questions which are often posed regarding the Christian faith. Tekton Apologetics Ministries is one of the leading apologetics ministries on the Internet with over 17,000 articles.[1] JP Holding holds a Masters degree in Library Science.[2]

JP Holding is the author of two books The Impossible Faith and Mormon Defenders.[3][4] Holding's book The Impossible Faith affirms that Christianity could not have succeeded without indisputable proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.[5] Holding's book The Impossible Faith originally started out as an essay and can be found on his website.[6] An atheist paid $5,000 to have Richard Carrier, a writer who contributes articles for Internet Infidels, write a work which argued against Holding's essay The Impossible Faith.[7][8] JP Holding states in his essay The Impossible Faith that he:

...put together a comprehensive list of issues that we assert that critics must deal with in explaining why Christianity succeeded where it should have clearly failed or died out as did these others. Merely saying it was "lucky" where Sevi, et al. were not will not be an adequate answer -- and in fact, is the least likely answer of all as we shall see.

Below I offer a list of 17 factors to be considered -- places where Christianity "did the wrong thing" in order to be a successful religion. It is my contention that the only way Christianity did succeed is because it was a truly revealed faith -- and because it had the irrefutable witness of the resurrection.[9]

The Mormon Defenders argues that the case for a Biblical Mormonism is rooted in misinterpretations of the Bible.[10]

Among other things, Mr. Holding's website Tekton Apologetics Ministries offers many articles which defend the doctrine of Bible inerrancy concerning various Bible verses. [11] In addition, JP Holding has written articles for the Christian Research Journal and the Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal.[12]

JP Holding and Internet Infidels

JP Holding has stated regarding the website the Secular Web the following: "The Secular Web has a few intelligent people, but overall has long been a haven for every skeptical know-it-all to pronounce judgments upon matters outside of their expertise."[13] Although JP Holding has written rebuttals of the more well known members of the skeptical community such as David Hume[14], Friedrich Nietzsche[15] and G.A. Wells[16][17], Holding has also written rebuttals of lesser well known members of the secular community who publish and/or are featured on Internet Infidels such as:

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