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Jim Ronca is a person who was promoted by the media and left-wing bloggers because he disagreed with President Bush and the Republican Party's policies. Ronca was originally touted as "a staunch Republican" by Jennifer Hunter of the Chicago Sun-Times.[1] However when Ronca's history of political donations was uncovered, a much different story was revealed. Going back to 1994, Ronca had made several donations primarily to Democrats.[2][3][4] Ronca was quoted as saying, "I'm not only going to vote Democratic, I'm going to financially support the Democrats," and, "The Republicans in Washington are an embarrassment." Hunter herself came under fire for her article, which she blamed on her editor and the headline he wrote for the article,[5] even though it was Hunter, not her editor, who wrote that Ronca was "a staunch Republican".[Citation Needed]

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