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Kenneth T. 'Ken' Cuccinelli II (born July 30, 1968) is the Republican candidate for the governor of Virginia in 2013. A former Virginia State Senator, Cuccineli was elected Attorney General of Virginia in the 2009 election. While Cuccinelli was in the Virginia Senate, he served on the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, Transportation Committee, Local Government Committee, and the Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee.

Ken Cuccinelli is a principled conservative: he is pro-life regarding abortion, pro-Second Amendment (he has received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, and pro-free enterprise with a 100% pro-business voting record as rated by the National Federation of Independent Business.

Cuccinelli is one of the few politicians who has rejected the homosexual agenda. He sent a letter to all public schools in Virginia telling them to obey the law and stop promoting and granting homosexuals protections they don't legally have.[1]

Cuccinelli has helped expose the global warming hoax by demanding from documents from the state-funded, liberal college of the University of Virginia. These documents relate to the notorious Climategate.[2]

Cuccinelli is opposed to an open-border policy that attracts illegal aliens.[3]