King Kong

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King Kong sits on a ledge of the Empire State Building 2005 version, directed by Peter Jackson.

King Kong is a 1933 film about a giant, prehistoric gorilla that lives on "Skull Island". A group of explorers, led by filmmaker Carl Denham, and including actress Ann Darrow, travel to the island where Ann is captured by the natives and sacrificed to King Kong. The giant gorilla captures her and takes her back to his cave, but on the way there he fights a Tyrannosaurus Rex (and breaks its jaw) and a giant acquatic cave serpent. Eventually her lover, Jack Driscoll (the ship's first mate) finds her and gets her back, but Kong follows and is captured. They take him to New York City and put him on display, but he escapes because he is scared of the flash-bulbs of the reporters. He captures Ann and takes her to the top of the Empire State Building, where he is gunned down by biplanes and falls to his death. It was followed by a sequel, Son of Kong, made an appearance in two Japanese films: King Kong vs. Godzilla and King Kong Escapes, and was remade twice; once in 1977, and again in 2005 by director Peter Jackson.