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(Current composition (2013 - Present))
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*[[Kadima]] - 2 seats
*[[Kadima]] - 2 seats
Source: [http://www.bechirot.gov.il/elections19/heb/list/ResultsAppendix.pdf Government of Israel]
Source: [http://www.knesset.gov.il/history/eng/eng_hist19_s.htm Government of Israel]
[[category:Israeli Politics]]
[[category:Israeli Politics]]

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The Knesset is the legislature or parliament of the State of Israel; the Hebrew term knesset means 'assembly'. The first Knesset was elected on 20 January 1949 and first met on 14 February the same year. It is a unicameral (single chamber) body and has 120 elected members. The present Knesset building in Jerusalem was inaugurated in 1966.

Current composition (2013 - Present)

Source: Government of Israel