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LeBron James, nicknamed "King James", is a forward in the National Basketball Association, and an Overrated Sports Star. Until July of 2010, James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers after being drafted by them in 2003, but never even came close to winning an NBA title. As a 2010 Free Agent, LeBron James signed a contract with the Miami Heat, which had several of the best players in the league.[1]

The media declared LeBron to be a basketball icon when he was graduating from high school, and the media have worked overtime trying to prove they were right. But the statistics and playoff results tell a story different from the one the media spins.

NBA career

LeBron James is known best for never winning a scoring title, despite having strong athletic skills. He reportedly has the play-making ability and athleticism of guard in a power forward's build. In his 2012-13 season, Lebron averaged 26.8 ppg, 8 rpg, and 7.2 apg while shooting 56.5 from the field and 40.6 from 3, all while leading his team to the best record in the NBA (66 wins) and the second longest winning streak in NBA history with a 27 game run. But if he's so difficult to defend, then why doesn't he score more points?

In 2007, LeBron was heralded by the media for taking his team to the NBA finals, but he was then swept in four straight games by the San Antonio Spurs.[2] His own personal playoff highlight also took place in these 2007 NBA playoffs, in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Detroit Pistons. James led his team to victory by scoring 29 of the Cavaliers' last 30 points in one of his most impressive playoff performances.[3]


2001 Ohio Mr. Basketball

2002 Ohio Mr. Basketball

2002 USA Today High School Player of the Year

2003 Ohio Mr. Basketball

2003 USA Today High School Player of the Year

2004 NBA Rookie of the Year

Bronze Medal in 2004 Summer Olympics

Gold Medal in 2008 Summer Olympics

2012 Finals MVP


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