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The Liberal Party of Canada, or parti libéral du canada is a federal political party within the Canadian Federal Government. Other Liberal Parties exist in all of the Canadian Provinces, but not all are directly afflicated with the federal party. The current party leader has not yet been decided, although a vote is planned for April, 2013. Historically, the Liberal party has been either the ruling party, or the Official Opposition. It is generally to the (far) left of the Conservative Party of Canada, yet to the right of the NDP. It is also the oldest party in Canada. The Liberal Party, and liberals in Canada are known informally as "Grits". They are opposed by the Conservative Party, New Democratic Party and the sovereigntist Bloc Québecois.

2011 Elections

In the 2011 elections the Liberals were demolished by the success of the NDP. The Liberals seat total reduced from 77 in the to a record low of 34 making them, for the first time ever, the third party in Canadian politics. Their leader at the time Michael Ignatieff failed to win even his own riding and resigned as party leader. Bob Rae former, NDP turned Liberal former premier of Ontario has taking up the position as the parties in-term leader until further notice.


The Liberal party has always supported leftist policies, although not to the levels of the NDP. Historically, the main voting points of the liberal party were defined by the theories of Liberal Theorists. Recently, however, a plethora of new ideologies are included in the party platform, including legalizing marijuana, extending Same-Sex rights, increasing renewable energy resources, and increasing corporate tax to pre-conservative levels of 18% (Currently at 16.5%).

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