Liberal media bias

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Liberal media bias has dominated American journalism for decades. Even the Washington Post admits to harboring liberal bias.[1]

Ian Wishart said:

"Most of us in journalism are not just reporters, we are idealists. We think we have a responsibility to change the planet for the greater good, and with the power of television and movies we think we can actually achieve those changes by manipulating public opinion. So at a newsroom level, you've had a subconscious buy-in on a whole lot of liberal agendas..." [2]

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  1. Ombudsman Deborah Howell said that, "... some of the conservatives' complaints about a liberal tilt are valid. Journalism naturally draws liberals; we like to change the world. I'll bet that most Post journalists voted for Obama. I did. There are centrists at The Post as well. But the conservatives I know here feel so outnumbered that they don't even want to be quoted by name in a memo. [1]