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Born May 11, 1947, in Fort Dodge, Iowa.Revolutionary and anti-imperialist since 1967. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) regional organizer against the U.S. Vietnam War and to support the Black liberation movement. Participated in 1969 anti-war delegation to North Vietnam to receive POW's released by the Vietnamese. Evans belonged to the terrorist group, the Weather Underground.[1] Arrested in 1970 for conspiracy and crossing the state line to incite riot while organizing for SDS's National Action, Days of Rage, in Chicago, and for conspiracy/transportation of weapons and explosives in Detroit. These charges were eventually dropped because of government misconduct while collecting evidence using illegal wiretaps. Political/cultural worker in guerilla street theatre troupe, all-women's band, and women's printing/graphics collective in Texas. Active in the women's liberation movement and in the lesbian community. Organized support for struggles led by Black and Chicano/Mexicano grassroots organizations against the Ku Klux Klan, forced sterilization, and use of deadly force by local policing agencies. Fought racism, white supremacy, and Zionism as a member of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee. Built support for Black/New Afrikan, Puerto Rican, and Native American POW's and political prisoners, and for the right of these nations to independence and self determination. Began working to develop clandestine resistance capable of struggle on every front. She was also active in building solidarity for South African, Palestinian and Central American stuggles for self-determination by organizing material aid for these national liberation struggles and to oppose U.S. intervention. She also organized support for Black/New Afrikan, Native and Puerto Rican PP/POW's.

Evans began working to develop clandestine resistance capable of conducting armed struggle as part of a multi-level overall revolutionary stategy. Evans was arrested on May 11, 1985 and charged with acquisition of weapons, ID, safe houses, finances, political and military training and actions to bring terrorist activity against U.S. home to America. Targets of these activities include the U.S. Capitol Building, National War College, Navy Yard Computer Center and Navy Yard Officers Club, Israeli Aircraft Industries, the FBI office and New York Patrolmen's Benevolent Association. She received a 40 year sentence, which was commuted by President Clinton January 20, 2001.


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