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Lockjaw is a condition caused due to prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibres. Lockjaw is caused by a bactium Clostridium tetani. The disease is also called as Tetanus.

The symptoms of the disease include

- One of the primary and major symptoms of Lockjaw is the series of spasms caused by Tetanospasmin, the toxin that is produced by the bacteria. These spasms affect the ‘chewing muscles’ in the jaw, which makes it difficult to move the mouth in terms of either opening or closing.

- Among the various parts that are affected by this toxin, the muscles in the jaw are held so tightly that the person is not able to even move his jaw muscles. Hence, this Condition is also called as Lockjaw.

Lockjaw Symptoms [1]

- Spasms could also be witnessed in different parts of the body.

- Muscles in the throat region are also affected.

- Pain and discomfort in the abdominal muscles too.

- Headache or a sore throat.

- The affected person may be extremely sensitive to touch.

- Diarrhea.

- Bleeding of bowels.


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