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Laura Mackenzie Phillips, born November 10, 1959 (age 58), in Alexandria, Virginia is an actress and singer. She is the daughter of singer John Phillips, of the Mamas and the Papas. Her acting career became prominent in 1973 when she had a supporting part in the film classic, American Graffiti. From 1975-1983 she co-starred in the popular situation comedy One Day at a Time. She was temporarily fired from the show in February 1980 because of problems with drugs and alcohol and had to go to Fair Oaks Hospital to undergo treatment. After rehab she assumed her role in the sitcom. However, in 1983 she was permanently fired from the show for cocaine use, and would later join a long-term drug rehab program. Her career made a comeback in 1999 when she co-starred with Cara DeLizia on the Disney Channel series So Weird. On August 27, 2008 she was arrested for possession of cocaine at Los Angeles airport.[1]

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