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(HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!! First coined in 1699, "Mardi Gras" is another Best New Conservative Word.)
(A solemn Ash Wednesday to all. This term dates back to the 1300s in English, as the commencement of Lent; a billion people acknowledge today's significance)
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<center><big>'''HAPPY [[Mardi Gras|MARDI GRAS]]!!!</big></center>
<center>'''A solemn [[Ash Wednesday]] to all'''.</center>
<center>''First coined in 1699, "Mardi Gras" is another [[Essay:Best New Conservative Words|Best New Conservative Word]].''
<center>''This term dates back to the 1300s in [[English]], as the commencement of [[Lent]]; a billion people acknowledge today's significance.''
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<!-- Beginning of about Conservapedia (left side) section -->
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A solemn Ash Wednesday to all.
This term dates back to the 1300s in English, as the commencement of Lent; a billion people acknowledge today's significance.

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

More fake news by the lamestream media: "Trump Never Said There Was a Terror Attack in SwedenLiberal Media MADE IT UP." [1]

8 reasons 2017 is going to be a TERRIBLE year for militant atheists. [2]

Mr. Atheist, if you're as smart as you claim to be, then why isn't atheism growing in influence? See: Is atheism growing?

George Soros v. Donald Trump: the battle is joined. Who do you think will win? [3]

LATEST POLL: Marine Le Pen, who is politically to the right of the other candidates, is leading by FIVE per cent in first round of French voting.[4]

Marine Le Pen is on course to be France's next president, fund manager says from artificial intelligence/big-data analysis.[5]

Will the right-wing politician Geert Wilders win the Dutch election? Latest polls for the Netherlands election 2017[6]

CPAC turns more libertarian by selecting the Brit provocateur Milo "Yiannopoulos" (born Hanrahan) as its keynote speaker. [7]

Obama is teaching activists how to bully congressional Republicans into

  1. not repealing Obamacare
  2. opposing immigration bans
  3. undermining the border wall [8]

Rand Paul defends Donald Trump and criticizes John McCain, while warning against policies that lead to perpetual war. Paul observes that Trump has done nothing to limit freedom of the press.[9]

"Melania Trump Recites The Lord's Prayer At Melbourne Rally – CROWD GOES WILD!" [10][11] Despite high humidity, 9,000 packed the airport hangar for the rally.

RINOs take over another organization: "CPAC 2017 Tells Trump Supporters to Kiss Off – Loads Up Speaking List with #NeverTrumpers." [12] The once-conservative conference has lost its way.

Break the immigration laws in Mexico, and you're in for the hassle of your life. So what's so unfair about enforcing immigration law in America? [13]

President Trump sums it up: "The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!" he tweeted just before 5pm today. Amen.

"Trump Brings Coal Miners to Executive Order Rescuing Coal Industry from Liberal Politicians." [14] Trump fulfills his campaign promise to help the miners against the global warming alarmists.


As liberal protesters step up confrontations with Republican lawmakers, leaders of the original Tea Party movement that wrote the book on those tactics are reassembling their political army – dispatching activists to push a conservative agenda that includes tax reform and dismantling ObamaCare.[16]

Hillary Clinton during the 2016 U.S presidential election when the trend showed Michigan votes were going for Donald Trump.[17][18]

Five former ambassadors to Israel disgraced themselves with a letter to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about Ambassador-designate David Friedman. The Senate would do well to ignore their fatuous and unsolicited advice. [19]

A new bill being proposed by Texas lawmakers makes it harder to divorce.[20] See also: Atheism and divorce

Liberal double standard: "Democrat Ted Kennedy Asked Russia To Intervene In 1984 Election To Defeat Reagan." [21]

"Former CIA analyst and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer told [Dems] to be careful what they ask for. Democrats want an investigation into the Mike Flynn phone calls with Russia. Shaffer says the leaks will lead back to the Barack Obama White House." [22]

"Ohio Trump Voters, Unfazed by Flynn Resignation and White House Drama, Remain Faithful," admits the lamestream media. [23]

Time to stop mincing words about Islam and the existential threat it poses to civilization. [24]

The Afghan refugee who harassed and blocked the Secretary of the Department of Education from entering a D.C. elementary public school is also a contributor to the liberal, taxpayer-funded NPR. [25] He has been charged with assault.

Mike Pence wins a power struggle with conservative Michael Flynn, forcing him to resign after the FBI monitored and disclosed his discussions with Russia during transition despite how he did nothing illegal. [26]

"Joy Villa’s Album Sales EXPLODE 18,106,633% Within Hours Of Wearing Make America Great Again Dress." [27]

American atheism under the Trump administration vs. the Obama administration.[28]

BREAKING NEWS: "Hollywood Star Wears Make America Great Again Dress To Grammys!" - photos Liberals are in disbelief, and furious.

Trump's speechwriter Stephen Miller emerges as the point man who decries the “judicial usurpation of power.” Trump tweets his approval of Miller's televised interviews this morning. [29]

"Apple CEO calls for 'massive campaign' to battle fake news." [30] Seriously??

Pro-life protests and counter-protests occur nationwide as D.C. Republicans fail to fulfill their promise to cut off taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. [31] The disappointing nomination of Gorsuch, an usher in a pro-abort church, to the Supreme Court hasn't helped the GOP.

2017 will definitely be the WORST year in the history of atheism.[32] See also: Global atheism statistics

Have Richard Dawkins or PZ Myers or Kyle Kulinksi or Penn Jillette come up with a plan to turn things around? See also: Atheism and leadership

Did Barack Obama create ISIS? If he did, he wouldn't be the first! This sort of thing has gone on for thousands of years; witness Nero fiddling while Rome burnt. [33]

Cleveland Indians pitcher announces his support for Trump, and says most of his teammates support the president also. Leftists respond with loathsome messages. [34]

Apparently, the atheist PZ Myers recognizes that the New Atheism movement failed and that the 21st century is going to be a century of desecularization.[35]

Myers recently admitted, "History is not going to remember me...". Will Wikipedia delete his Wikipedia article due to lack of notability?

Myers was an early critic of Conservapedia and he is presently having difficulty adjusting to a Donald Trump presidency.

Republicans made much of George Soros' funding of Hillary Clinton and other Democrat Party candidates. So why are some Republicans also taking Soros' money? [36]

"Federal Judges Refuse to Reinstate Trump's Immigration Ban." [37] Trump has little chance of prevailing on appeal to the Supreme Court.

Trump, not yet withdrawing Gorsuch as his nominee, instead criticizes the Senator who repeated Gorsuch's remarks. But a Republican senator revealed even more biased remarks by Gorsuch: "'Any attack on any of brothers or sisters of the robe is an attack on all judges,'" the GOP senator quoted Gorsuch as saying. [38]

Neil Gorsuch, the pro-choice nominee of Trump for the Supreme Court, immediately betrays him by calling Trump's criticism of judges "disheartening" and "demoralizing". [39] Since when is the President not allowed to criticize judges?

A few practical solutions to the health care problem. They're what the government should have done from the beginning. [40]

Democrats rally around Elizabeth Warren after she was formally silenced on the Senate floor.[41]

Hillary Clinton declares "the future is female".[42]

President Donald Trump said that repealing and replacing Obamacare is a “complicated” process that might not happen until 2018.[43]

Liberal style: "Elizabeth Warren Silenced for VICIOUS ATTACK on Jeff Sessions," and then she took to social media to falsely pretend that she was censored for reading a letter from Coretta Scott King. [44]

How soon people forget: the Nazis were socialists. And we have modern Nazis among us, using Nazi methods to serve Nazi ends. [45]

With a 2-1 Democrat-majority panel in the Ninth Circuit, its questioning this afternoon tilted against Donald Trump on his executive order to ban migration from seven nations associated with terrorism. [46]

Keep in perspective any claim that without asylum, we would lose talent. We might lose our country if we grant asylum too readily. [47]

The TRO against Trump is heard on appeal at 6pm ET today. [48]

Our "Unplug the NFL" defeated even the demonic Super Bowl, causing it to sink to its lowest audience in recent years. [49] Its ratings dropped despite media hype about its finish and silly claims of being historic.

Give it up, unions: Missouri becomes the 28th right to work state, ending mandatory union dues there. [50]

The Koch brothers really like Neil Gorsuch and think he should be confirmed, but the Koch brothers are social liberals. [51] Difficult to see how over-hyped involvement by the Koch brothers would help anyway.

Neil Gorsuch thinks homosexual marriage is wonderful. [52] Franklin Graham thinks Gorsuch is "an excellent choice" to hold power for 40 years on the U.S. Supreme Court. What is the logic in that?

Unplug the NFL: despite the media hype, most televisions do not tune into the Super Subsidy (Super Bowl, which is heavily subsidized by taxpayers). The NRA criticizes the liberal halftime performers. [53]

"President Trump Attacks 'Ridiculous' Ruling Temporarily Blocking Immigration Ban." [54]

President John F. Kennedy once threatened to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces!" Could that be why Lee Harvey Oswald could get that close? [55]

Nancy Pelosi plays the Muslim card at anti-Trump rally.[56]

Homeland Security secretary says he wants the U.S.-Mexico border wall finished in two years.[57]

Mainstream press upset after Donald Trump leaves White House without him letting them know his destination.[58]

"Transgender court hearing set amid fight over Trump nominee." [59] Gorsuch, Trump's nominee, has ruled in favor of transgender rights.

"Hillary Campaign Blames Barack Obama, More Than Putin, for Election Loss." [60]

Liberal double standard: "Mass Rioting, Beatings, Violence Against Conservatives at Berkeley Campus." [61]

"DeVos nomination stands at 50-50. It could come down to Vice President Mike Pence, in what would be a history-making confirmation vote." [62]

It's about security, stupid! It's what one wants to say to the pettifogging objections to Donald Trump's latest eminently sensible travel measure. [63]

Contrast two Americas: the "America" of the Women's March of 2017 and that of the March for Life. Which is more in tune with the true spirit of America? [64]

Trump fails to pick a nominee who has a pro-life record to the U.S. Supreme Court, and chooses Neil Gorsuch instead.

Trump fires acting Attorney General who refuses to enforce his immigration order. [65] "Ms. Yates is an Obama administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration," Trump observed.

Vote with your wallet! How often have you heard that phrase? Here's what it means, and why it can be important. [66]

An in-depth review of the so-called Women's March of 2017. It was nothing more than a rally for abortion, coming as it did one week before the March for Life. [67]

The YouTube channel Escaping Atheism says Conservapedia's atheism article along with its collection of atheism sub-articles "amazing".[68]

Escaping Atheism says if you want to debunk atheist claims, Conservapedia "is probably the best place to start. Because nobody debunks atheist lies better than the folks at Conservapedia."

Trump backs nuclear option if Dems block SCOTUS nominee [69]

  • The nuclear option means that Senate Republicans pass a rules change to quash the filibuster planned by Democrats, who themselves nuked the filibuster for most judicial and executive-branch nominees in 2013.

Tis the season of the Oscars, and an Iranian activist wants to cancel them! Because an Iranian film director might have to apply for a visa for his short visit to the Oscars show. Well, bring it on! And: what would happen if all those Oscar statuettes revolted against what films have now become? [70]

8 exquisite illustrations of liberal ideas playing out to their logical conclusion. Snowflakes, pay attention! [71]

7 alarming trends for the atheist movement. [72] Militant atheists surrender now!

"Judge halts implementation of Trump's immigration order." [73] The Left hopes that judicial activism will block many of Trump's orders.

More evidence the atheist movement will see a decline this century.[74]

More in the useful idiots department: Hollywood turns out in force to protest Trump. And a Muslim leads them! [75]

Secret Service agent’s assertion that she would rather go to jail than take a bullet for President Donald Trump left veterans of the commander-in-chief’s vaunted security detail stunned.[76]

Donald Trump directs Homeland Security to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.[77]

Barack Obama leaves long letter to Donald Trump on presidential desk with a “plea to salvage Obamacare — or swap it for something at least as generous.”[78]

Clinton received 800,000 votes from noncitizens A report by political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in the November 2016 presidential election. [79]

The Mainstream Media, and especially The New York Times, display their bias against Israel all the time. Even to failing to report a landmark verdict in a French court in Israel's favor. [80]

Donald Trump vowed to start his “big beautiful” wall. When asked for the construction date, Trump said that he would begin the project “as soon as we can physically do it” and confirmed that planning would start “immediately.”[81]

Now that Obama is gone... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the planning and construction of approximately 2,500 new housing units in the occupied West Bank.[82]

The Associated Press reported that former President Barack Obama released $221 million in U.S. funding for the Palestinian Authority just hours before he was to leave office.[83][84]

Trump Vows To Pull Federal Funds From 'Sanctuary Cities' Like L.A. [85]

A useful review of the useful idiots on parade today, and of Saul Alinsky, who taught elites how to cultivate and recruit them. [86]

Pro-choice Neil Gorsuch is being promoted as the front-runner for Trump's upcoming nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, which would violate Trump's pro-life pledge. "Neil Gorsuch is NOT pro-life."

Within days of being sworn in, President Donald Trump planned to re-institute a policy that would bar foreign aid from being distributed to nongovernmental organizations that provide or promote abortions, including the Planned Parenthood International Federation.[87]

Donald Trump started off the first day of his presidency with a church service.[88]

"Liberal Women March Against Trump – Then Leave Trash Heaps for Someone Else to Clean Up." [89]

Hollywood values and obscenities lead marches by some women against Trump today, and CNN even apologizes to the public for airing some of it. But 53% of white women voted for Trump.

Donald Trump's new vision on his first day as president of the United States.[90]

Donald Trump's Inaugural Luncheon Dinner on Inauguration Day 2017.[91]

Donald Trump's inauguration.[92]

How George Soros tried to derail Donald Trump. Soros learned well from his master, Joseph Goebbels. [93]

Legislative leaders in – where else? – Minnesota reject a heartfelt and honest prayer for the moral state of the country. In so doing they bring a curse upon the land. [94]

Sore loser liberals run amok in D.C.: "Inauguration protesters vandalize, set fires, try to disrupt Trump’s oath, as police arrest" 217. But law-abiding attendees spoke back in mockery of protesters. [95]

"This country is your country ... the men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer," Trump declares to a massive crowd in his Inaugural Address.

Donald Trump has become the 45th President!

Donald Trump thanked Phyllis Schlafly in his remarks Thursday night.

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