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Potheads can move to Colorado and Washington; liberals passed referenda to legalize marijuana use there
But not even liberal colleges there want more marijuana smokers. [1]

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Pathetic move by RINOs: "Bush 41, 43 won't be endorsing Trump." [2] Good news for Donald?

"Donald Trump Makes Huge Pro-Life Hire." [3]

Man does not live by bread alone, said Jesus Christ. But you wouldn't know it by the priorities in this election cycle. [4]

"Ted Cruz drops out after Trump delivers knockout in Indiana." Trump trounced Cruz 53-37% in the conservative state. [5]

Donald Trump wins the Republican primary in Indiana dealing a blow to Ted Cruz in the winner-take-most state.[6]
It is "almost impossible to stop" Trump for the nomination, CNN admits. [7]

"Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country," admits the lamestream media. [8]

"Ted is an immigrant," bragged his wife Heidi Cruz, who is a Goldman Sachs executive. [9] Then the Cruz campaign denied it.

Three-year University of Cincinnati study on the ecological effects of Fracking showed no damage to the environment at all. Funders to the public university were disappointed and decided to suppress the study instead, it will not be released to the public. [10]

What is jihad? How can you recognize it on and off the battlefield? [11]

Anti-Trump gimmicks, such as the Cruz-Kasich alliance, are backfiring badly: "Fully 58 percent disapprove of the so-called Cruz-Kasich alliance, with 22 percent considering it a 'major factor' in their choice." [12]

In merely 24 hours the respected "fivethirtyeight" prediction for Indiana puts Donald Trump at a 69-31% favorite after having him at a 65-35% underdog yesterday. [13]

Don't be fooled when leftists cry "Racism!" at every turn. It means they have no better argument, against America or Israel. [14]

A reminder of the importance of natural born citizenship as a criterion of eligibility to the office of President of the United States. [15]

Donald Trump says: I don't need GOP unity to win.[16]

Republican Party bosses trying to stymie Donald Trump in Indiana.[17]

CBS news make stunning Trump announcement.[18]

Rabid anti-Trump campaign reaches new low in George Will's Sunday column: "If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House," is the headline for Will's latest work. [19]

Pete who? Pete Wilson becomes the latest washed-up RINO to endorse Ted Cruz and warn against Donald Trump. [20]

"Target’s Stock Down 5 Percent, Brand Damaged, by Public Rebuke to Pro-Transgender Bathroom Rules." [21]

If America continues to accept lawless behavior especially on the part of political leaders, tyranny will follow. [22]

"Demonstrators storm California GOP convention to protest Trump." [23] Did you think liberals support free speech?

Ted Cruz's choice of Carly Fiorina shows his desperation.[24][25] She is not going to help him in California and she was eliminated early in the race for the Republican nomination. Fiorina was definitely not a presidential-like choice.

John Boehner declares that Ted Cruz is "Lucifer in the flesh." [26] Boehner prefers Donald Trump over Cruz, it's safe to say.

When Presidents act like kings, in violation of the Constitution. [27]

A ringing call to Israel: act like the sovereign Jewish State you were meant to be. [28]

Exceeding expectations Tuesday, even breaking 60% of the vote despite the three-way race, Donald Trump is only 287 delegates away from clinching the Republican nomination. [29] The much-anticipated Trump-Clinton contest is on the horizon.

Why do Israel's leaders and courts make such bad decisions for that country? Maybe because they have no love for the country or its people. [30]

Donald Trump on rivals: 'They should drop out.'" [31] Why is Ted Cruz staying in to do the work of the Establishment?

Donald Trump takes Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, as he looks for Northeast sweep.[32]
UPDATE: Trump wins 5 out of 5 states by massive landslide margins.

Pennsylvania primary update: "reports of high turnout, smooth voting in midstate." [33] Donald Trump makes the GOP competitive in the state.

Even if you were to not include the growth of creationism and intelligent design theory which is occurring in the world, it is going to be terrible year for evolutionists.[34][35]

2016 will be the WORST year in the history of evolutionism.

"Judge Ruled North Carolina's Voter-ID Law Constitutional ... delivering a major win for conservatives who have sought to tighten laws across the country" [36]

Conservapedia proven right, again: The 4-game suspension of Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady is reinstated, after an appellate judge observed at oral argument that there was "compelling, if not overwhelming" evidence of cheating, plus evidence Brady "knew about it, consented to it, encouraged it." [37] But the liberal media likes cheaters.

"Demophrenia": the scourge of a people, like Israel and even America, who have lost their faith in themselves and their righteousness. [38]

Austria's "far-right" candidate wins its presidential election by 16 points over his nearest rival, with the main political parties not even qualifying for the upcoming runoff. [39] The liberal media is speechless.

A nearly 20-point lead for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, and that is not due to any so-called home-court advantage. [40] Working class voters overwhelmingly support Trump.

Moral relativism, the great moral scourge of our time, dates from Thomas Hobbes and his signature work. [41]

"Donald Trump told his supporters he doesn’t plan to start 'toning it down' as the race for the White House nears the GOP convention. 'You know, being presidential’s easy — much easier than what I have to do,'" Trump said. [42]

Why do Israel's leaders spend so much time trying to escape reality? Reality is: you cannot negotiate with consistent Muslims. [43]

Barack Hussein Obama's interference in the Brexit debate seems to have backfired. Time will tell and if character is judge, it will fail spectacularly. [44]

"62 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters say that Cruz is more of an establishment candidate, while just 29 percent describe him as an outsider." [45]

More insight on the homosexual agenda and why its proponents now want to call it satire. [46]

Lamestream media, again: "CNN Asks If Prince’s Death Will Benefit Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump." [47]

Why do Israel's generals do so many un-general-like things? Could it be because their professors at war college force-feed them moral relativism? [48]

The Colorado and New York State primaries show how the American people live under a veil of misconception. Do we really have representative government? [49]

Silicon Valley corporation (Intel) fires 12,000 American professionals after demanding to import 14,523 foreign workers with H-1B visas and Green Cards.

"Cruz now must win 101% of the remaining pledged delegates to clinch the Republican nomination." [50]

$30 million in anti-Trump ads are a big failure, as Trump breaks 60% in New York: "Anti-Trump groups find money can't buy you hate," admits USA Today. [51]

Donald Trump defeats Ted Cruz 90-0 for delegates in the New York primary. [52] Trump could secure the nomination by winning 58% of the remaining delegates.

April 19th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the early stages of the Revolutionary War.

Panic sets in among Dems at the ongoing Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton feud: “While this is the NFL, and everyone understands that it’s a full-contact sport, even in the NFL one gets a yellow flag for a late hit at the knees intended to hurt the other player,” observed Dem strategist Chris Lehane. [53]

It's so obvious now that the political pendulum is swinging to the right in world politics that Roger Cohen declares liberalism dead or at least on the ropes in the left-leaning New York Times.[54]

By 2021 the effects of New Atheism movement may be largely over in the United States.[55]

Disney indoctrination: Lesbian kiss in 'Once upon a time' aired on Sunday. Same-sex relationships for your children's entertainment. [56]

U.N. ambassador Samantha Power's motorcade struck and killed a small boy in Cameroon. The motorcade was travelling through unsecured territory and ordered to keep moving. [57]

"Change Your Way of Thinking, OR ELSE!"[58]

On the eve of the New York State primary election, especially on the Democratic Party side, watch out! Jews who insist on voting Democratic might want to think twice before supporting a candidate like Hillary Clinton. [59]

Israel has leaders who insist everything's good – or as they say in Israel, "It's raining!" – to hide the dire security threats their policies make worse. [60]

Donald Trump threatens ‘rough July’ if RNC doesn’t ‘straighten out’ delegate system." [61] Meanwhile, the New York Post endorsed Trump today.

"Almost two-thirds of Republicans say candidate with most votes should be nominee, which means they think Donald Trump should win the nomination. [62] But the Establishment is working overtime to take it away from him.

Where modern liberal thought came from – and where it will lead. [63]

"Ted Cruz's Senate Outreach Isn't Going Well." Conservative senators, even Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake, don't want to endorse him. [64]

Government collusion with crony capitalists in the eye care industry works hard to enrich themselves by limiting your choices. [65]

Hillary Clinton calls American gun owners terrorists. She represents the real problem in America today. [66]

"Cold greeting for Cruz at GOP gala." The audience was unimpressed when Cruz asserted that he had spent his "entire life fighting to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.” [67]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Adam LaRoche spent his offseason undercover in Asia trying to capture sex traffickers and rescue child slaves. [68]

The overrated practice of "conflict resolution" and why it fails as surely between Israel and Islam as between the law-abiding and the criminal. [69]

A closer look at the Colorado Republican Party debacle and what it really implies. [70]

Netanyahu's failure to combat terrorism as effectively as he should, takes its toll – on the youth of Israel, who often seek solace in drugs. [71]

Outspoken Christian Stephen Curry broke Michael Jordan's record for most wins in a season, but Overrated Sports Star Kobe Bryant gets more attention. [72]

Hollywood values continues to hit new lows with award shows. MTVs two-hours worth of garbage included 84 incidents of profanity targeting your impressionable kids. [73]

Liberal double standard, again: Hillary Clinton participates in a racist joke, but most Dems give her a pass on it. [74] Imagine the backlash if a Republican had done that.

Professor values take on an ugly form at Vassar College when an infamous professor delivers a screed against Israel. Half of what she says contradicts the other half. And this is typical of Vassar. [75]

Lamestream media, again: Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods did not even compete at the Masters this year, and yet he is in many of the articles and was even featured on the pre-tournament cover of Sports Illustrated.

Students at two Catholic universities are taking on their administrations in a fight against honoring pro-abortion advocates. [76]

Does Ted Cruz even have a vital citizenship paper he needs to show he is eligible even to the office he holds, to say nothing of the office he seeks? [77]

Russia is at it again in the Middle East, talking about "two states for two peoples." Andrei Sakharov told the world why this concept fails. What did Actor Pierce Brosnan say, about twenty years ago? Oh, yes: "Governments change, but the lies stay the same." [78]

The Republican Party has experienced an increase of 55 percent in turnout so far this primary, Democrat numbers are down 21% compared to 2008. [79]

"GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump." [80]

The daily newspapers are dying a slow death. So it's no surprise when the transition of liberal claptrap to digital editions does not turn a profit either. [81]

When the government becomes the outlaw: several prize examples, and a reminder: the Second Amendment gives us a remedy. [82]

Liberal logic: liberal performer cancels on his liberal audience, in order to protest North Carolina's new law that protects women's restrooms against invasion by men claiming to be transgender. [83]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: "Pope Francis ... says no to gay marriage." [84]

A history of moral anesthesia in Israel, at Oslo and in Gaza. [85]

Setback for liberals, as their own GOP favorite supports Trump: "Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary." [86]

Breitbart's "Advice for Donald Trump: Spend Money Now. ... Trump was out-spent in Wisconsin 6 to 1 by Cruz combined with anti-Trump Super PACS. Six to one. But why? Why not open your billion dollar purse strings?" [87]

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