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Purge of conservatives by GOP House leadership [1]
Might the Republican Party split?

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Paul Watson comments on Montana politician Greg Gianforte attacking a The Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.[2]

Britain obviously needs to develop a scholastic wrestling program in its middle school and high schools. It also needs to develop a quality collegiate wrestling program.

A YouTube video of British journalist Ben Jacobs, who works at The Guardian, shows his totally inability to break the wrestling locks and counter the other wrestling moves of the much older American politician Greg Gianforte.[3]

And to make matters worse, twice he acted like a nerd and said "You broke my glasses".

Gianforte has publicly expressed his contrition for attacking the reporter.[4]

Pro-life Poland stands up against the liberal EU, and Poland's conservative prime minister declares while refusing to cave into pressure to take migrants: "Where are you going, Europe? Get up off your knees. Get out of your lethargy. Otherwise you will be crying every day for your children." [5]

Any celebrity who dares suggest we should co-exist with Muslim terrorists should try it themselves. Hint: it won't work. [6]

Why the globalist elite have it in for Donald Trump: Because he defeated their puppet on a string, Barack Obama, and his hand-picked successor, Hillary Clinton. [7]

The liberal media are dumbfounded that the GOP candidate won the Montana congressional race by a landslide despite the wall-to-wall publicity that he "body-slammed" a reporter. [8] Voters are not easily swayed by the media anymore.

Some pretend that Donald Trump’s words are behind rare physical altercations with journalists.[9]

Is it Donald Trump's fault or is a far larger part of the blame on the secular leftist leaning press who are often not doing their job and making people very suspicious and angry at them.[10]

See also: Anders Breivik is the canary in the mine showing that right-wing politics could become much more violent

Secular leftist meltdown and desperation tactics: A look at the future.[11]

See also: Liberal meltdown and desperation tactics: A look at the future and Secular leftists and psychogenic illness

More leaks by liberals to the lamestream media force the U.K. to stop sharing information with U.S. government officials. [12] The leaks appear designed to unfairly embarrass Trump, without regard for harm to the ongoing investigation of the Manchester massacre.

Melania Trump reveals that she is a practicing Catholic. [13] In contrast, liberal denial persists, even now, about Obama's Religion.

Congressional liberals -- Dem and Republican -- pile on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn with two more subpoenas.

Yet another reason to unplug the NFL: a Hall of Famer, 8-time Pro-Bowler, is tragically dead at age only 48, without any suspicious cause. [14]

Globalism is another name for collectivism. Those who propound it, seek to persuade individuals to stop being individual. [15]

Manchester bombing. While the world reacts with horror and revulsion at this despicable act[16], here in the States Chris Matthews of MSNBC had to break away from that report for something he considered much more vital: another faked Trump/Russia report from the Washington Post.[17]

Jay Sekulow: Anyone Want to Argue Against President Donald Trump's Travel Ban After Manchester Attack?[18]

Trump: Muslim-majority countries must take the lead in combating radicalization

Aleksandr Kolpakov, the president of Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers, who is also a member of "The Skeptic Feminist" YouTube channel, has been arrested and charged over the fatal shooting of a woman.[19][20][21]

The group Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers made local news last year when they posted "atheist and satanic brochures" at Delta Middle School and Delta High School. See also: Atheism and satanic deception and LaVeyan Satanism

Atheists are boring snoozefests. See incontrovertible proof![22]

A Seth Rich Chronology, Part 1 by Diana West. To be continued.... [23]

Trump 2020 raises record $314,000 in just one day.[24]

U.S. News & World Report: Donald Trump Will Likely Win Reelection in 2020.[25]

Liberal style: first they vetoed President Donald Trump from speaking at Notre Dame, and then today they walked out of a speech there by Vice President Mike Pence that was praising freedom of speech.

A call to action to support Donald Trump. He stands against liberal oppression. [26]

Trumpism And The Future Of The American Republic by professor Daniel Bonevac. "He's on our side" [27]

"New Sheriff in Town => Unlike Obama Trump Doesn’t Bow to Saudi King." [28] But Obama's Religion probably had something to do with that.

"Investors are tired of the slings and arrows in the Beltway: NYSE trader." [29] Let's hope the liberal media take notice.

$110M auction price stuns art experts, as a best of the public painting by a young formerly homeless American shatters records. Jean-Michel Basquiat's politically inspired art denounced institutions and colonialism.
Jean-Michel Basquiat restored human forms to modern art, with a rejection of elitism.

Learn from American history. Wicked people will flee at the first hint of danger. So honest people should give them more than a hint. [30]

More Than 7 Million Voter Registrations Are Duplicated in Multiple States:[31]

"Charter school industry scores huge victory in Los Angeles" with landslide wins in school board elections Tuesday, while liberals in D.C. pursue their political circus. [32]

Democrat Dennis Kucinich: “Deep State Is Trying to Take Down a President – It Is a Threat to Our Republic.” [33] That's truer than he knows. And the Mainstream Media are at the head of this bloodless coup. [34]

Evidence for Christianity vs. evidence for atheism.[35] See also: Atheism vs. Christianity

More bad news for British, militant atheists: Anglicanism, Evangelical Christianity, charismatic/pentecostal Christianity and Islam are currently growing in the UK. Non-religious portion of the UK sees a decline.[36]

A woman reflects on the anniversary of her near-death in an automobile accident. That sort of thing causes one to reflect on the fragility and value of life. [37]

The stock market disproves liberal media attempts to generate another Watergate, as tranquillity and prosperity are investors' assessment.

UK hits peak secular. Northern Europe and France previously hit peak secular.[38] See also: British atheism

John Cornyn passes on the FBI job in order to stay in the U.S. Senate, which means the only option for Texas favorites Dan Patrick or George P. Bush to become a U.S. Senator is to challenge Ted Cruz in his upcoming primary.

Record tranquillity on the stock market not seen since 1995, with little change on the Dow Jones Industrial Average for two weeks. [39] Why is the liberal media so out of touch by pretending there is political chaos?

"Justice Scalia Believed Supreme Court was Being Surveilled by Obama," according to Judge Andrew Napolitano. [40]

Soviet atheism badly failed in Europe.[41]

Pew Research: "..the comeback of religion in a region once dominated by atheist regimes is striking...".

For more atheism related news, see: Atheism news

The swamp gets hysterical against President Trump, as former NSA chief James Clapper absurdly declares that "our institutions are under assault" by Trump. [42]

More pathetic fake news by the liberal media: the WaPo runs this headline, “Trump fired Comey because he’s taller.” [43] At least the WaPo headline called it "A Theory."

God has a sense of humor - liberal claptrap by Barack Obama in 1991 has surfaced in which he described the American Dream as aspiring to be as successful as ... Donald Trump! [44]

In light of James Comey losing his job, an update on why he deserved firing in any case: he, with his ties to the Clinton Foundation, was already guilty of conduct unbecoming a law enforcement officer. [45]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Former Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian, who drove the speeding train that derailed to kill 8 and injure 200 in 2015, is charged with involuntary manslaughter, causing or risking a catastrophe, and reckless endangerment. [46] The NTSB had shamefully tried to cover up the wrongdoing, perhaps due to Bostian's homosexual activism.

Our enemies from within are re-writing our history through monument tear-downs and mis-education of our children. To set this right, we must get right with God. [47]

As the Deep State and the liberal media step up their campaign against President Trump, he properly warns the fired FBI director James Comey against making misrepresentations that might be disproved by possible tape-recordings of their conversations. [48]

Donald Trump appoints a new commission to investigate voter fraud. If the States or key counties think they can countenance it, the President will not. [49]

Former Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown is going to jail for decades. She was convicted of 18 of the 22 separate criminal counts ranging from tax evasion to wire fraud. Expect the liberal media to bury her Democrat affiliation. [50]


A creation scientist seeking to study the Grand Canyon now must sue the National Park Service to get that permission. Donald Trump's Executive Order on religious freedom gets its first court test. [51]

The Amazing Democrat U-Turn on the Firing of James Comey: [52]

The swamp is "stunned" that President Trump fired one of their own. It's the swamp that is "outside the realm of normal,” not Trump. [53]

How Islamism and socialism serve the ends of globalism. The globalists know what Islamists and socialists are: useful idiots! [54]

Why President Donald Trump is stronger than he looks.[55]

Suddenly, the faux conservative Fox News Channel has competition from the right, with the pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcast Group's $3.9B acquisition of Tribune Media. [56]

President Donald Trump to FBI Director James Comey: You're fired![57][58][59]

Comey should have recommended Hillary Clinton be indicted over her email and Clinton Foundation scandals. Lock her up! Lock her up!

"2017 is on a record-setting pace for retail bankruptcy and store closings." [60] Amazon and Wal-Mart are in a price war over free shipping.

Italexit could DESTROY Eurozone: Expert’s stark warning to EU amid rocky Italy relations.[61]

Both former NSA Director James Clapper and fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates said “yes” when asked if Trump, his associates, or congressmen had been unmasked by surveillance under the Obama Administration. But then they refused to provide details when asked by the Senate committee. [62]

Donald Trump congratulates Macron on ‘big win’ in French election.[63]

Nigel Farage: Marine Le Pen Will Be French President In 2022.[64]

Satanic monument to be installed in a public park in Minnesota. [65] The monument is from the Satanic Temple in Salem, home of the Salem Witch Trials in the 1692.

Wages remain stagnant despite decline in unemployment. [66] Monopolies, lack of innovation due to patent system changes, and overuse of H-1B foreign workers are reasons why.

Liberal billionaire Mark Zuckerberg no longer identifies as an atheist. Others would be wise to rid themselves of that debilitating mindset. [67]

Sanctuary cities operate outside the law and in direct violation of it. What kind of message do the mayors of such cities send to their fellow citizens, and the world? [68]

Liberal intolerance forces the nominee for the Secretary of the Army to withdraw due to his outspokenness on issues unrelated to his job, such as his criticism of the theory of evolution. [69] In fact, his arguments were totally sound and should serve to recommend him. [70]

Donald Trump's Executive Order on religious liberty went far, but not far enough. Only a repeal of, or a court challenge to, the Johnson Amendment and Obamacare will suffice. [71]

Hillary Clinton will launch a new political group called "Onward Together," building on her failed campaign slogan "Stronger Together." [72]

Remembering the Six Day War of 1967 between Israel on one side and Egypt, Jordan and Syria on the other. [73]

GOP says it has the votes in the House to repeal ObamaCare, and schedules a quick vote on Thursday. [74]

Conservative Marine Le Pen leads among millennials in France aged 18-34, and French universities respond by emailing students to tell them to vote against her! [75]

In apologizing for Google's de-listing of Natural News, some accused NN of endorsing murder. Not so. NN called for bringing some people to trial before a Nuremberg style tribunal. [76]

“Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!” Trump declares, after Dems got virtually everything they wanted in the recent deal to fund the government until then. [77]

Why did Google de-list the site Natural News? Could it be because NN endorsed Donald Trump for President? [78]

"Paul Ryan unleashed ... the House budget includes language that FORBIDS the President of the United States of building a border wall with Mexico." [79]

Same old, same old in liberal D.C.: newly agreed budget has no cuts in funding for Planned Parenthood or sanctuary cities, and no border Wall. [80]

Liberal influence declines further: The Trump Administration plans to cut 2,300 jobs at the State Department. [81]

President Trump tells a cheering crowd of 7,000 in Harrisburg tonight: “I could not be more thrilled to be 100 miles away from the Washington swamp." [82]

Donald Trump's achievements, including record use of Congressional Review, kept his first 100 days busy.

Does modern education serve only to make slaves out of the American people? [83]

"Jim DeMint out as president of Heritage Foundation, according to media reports." [84] Is this a globalist-driven coup at the think tank?

"Trump Cabinet Members Praying, Studying the Bible Together," a total of 8 plus the Vice President. [85]

Liberals long opposed SDI, the missile defense program, yet now missile defense is desperately needed to deal with communist North Korea. “North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is an urgent national security threat and top foreign policy priority,” officials explained. [86]

BREAKING news: the liberal enemies of free speech force Ann Coulter to cancel her talk at Berkeley. [87] Leftists do not support the First Amendment for conservatives.

Definitive proof: even the most exaggerated estimates of the effect of carbon dioxide on global temperature don't add up to runaway climate change. The proof: the actual proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is too low to matter. But of fifteen authorities challenged with this finding, only one admitted that. [88]

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