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MIT, but not the Obama Administration, investigates its role leading up to the tragic death of Aaron Swartz. [1]
The Obama Administration played a far bigger role than MIT did.

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

This is pathetic: Obama tries to persuade Americans that Trump is not conservative. If so, wouldn't that make Obama like Trump more?? "But what we heard in Cleveland last week wasn’t particularly Republican – and it sure wasn’t conservative," Obama absurdly said in his speech tonight. [2]

"Trump steals the spotlight at Democratic convention." [3] Once the liberal media belatedly realized this, they abruptly dropped their headlines about him.

Why the Roman Catholic Church isn't so friendly to Israel. The problems go back centuries. [4]

Time to stop accepting outrageous campaign rhetoric from Hillary Clinton and others, and demand answers to some hard questions. [5]

Time for nominal Christians to "wake up" and join the ranks of the living in Christ. [6]

"L.A. Times/USC Dornsife Poll: Trump 47%, Clinton 40%" [7] Might Trump win in a landslide?

"Sanders Delegates Walk out of Convention in Protest" by the hundreds. [8]

"Dems fret over Trump bounce ... A new CBS News survey shows Trump leading 44 percent to 43 percent, and a Los Angeles Times/USC poll shows him with a 4-point lead ... Quinnipiac University earlier this month showing Trump up by 3 points in Florida and 2 points in Pennsylvania." [9]

What do Americans owe the American Indians? Not what you think! Read the new book based on two years of research. [10]

Abraham began the most critical period of human history by substituting monotheism for polytheism. Will Islam bring human history to a close? [11]

Trump takes a 5-point lead over Hillary, according to the latest CNN poll. [12]

A condensed version of dirt concerning the DNC emails released by Wikileaks A rigged system and media collusion is an understatement. [13]

Top Dem at their convention is forced to resign after leaked emails "show a plot by DNC officials to damage Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary." [14]

Liberal logic: the Munich young mass murderer was obsessed with playing violent video games and planned his attack for a year, [15] and yet some claim that there were no warning signs.

Freedom of speech begins as a God given right, as Thomas Jefferson said. Abraham gives us the best demonstration. [16]

"Hungary prime minister says Trump is better candidate for Europe." [17]

Chinese communists to shut churches in G20 host city on "safety grounds".[18] See also: Atheism and communism

Another teenager obsessed with video games commits mass murder. The killer of 9 in Germany used a fake Facebook account to lure young victims. [19]

Left-leaning poll admits: Trump pulls virtually even with Hillary, within the margin of error. [20]

Hillary Clinton shows her worry about being defeated by pro-life Catholic voters: Hillary picked as VP so-called "anti-abortion" Catholic Tim Kaine (he's not really against abortion), thereby "Testing Feminists’ Loyalty." [21]

A scathing indictment of appeasersnot in diplomacy, but in Congress. [22]

Why electing Donald Trump is a conservative imperative. [23]

Donald Trump declares that he would not accept Ted Cruz's endorsement, even if Cruz offered it at this point. [24]
UPDATE: "Trump says Cruz changed his speech without permission." [25]

Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump, did not commit plagiarism. And she certainly wouldn't do it against such a poor wordsmith as Michelle Obama! [26]

Donald Trump gave a fiery, passionate acceptance speech: "Americanism not globalism will be our credo! ... The American people will come first once again. ... There can be no prosperity without law and order. ... Hillary Clinton is their puppet, and [big business, elite media, and major donors] pull the strings." About the forgotten Americans, Trump declares "I am your voice!"

Future of Fox News Channel thrown into doubt: "Roger Ailes Resigns as Fox News Chief After Sexual Harassment Accusations." [27]

"Ted Cruz Takes Heat From Texas Republican Delegates," yet a few Texans continue to defend him. [28]

Sarah Palin: “Cruz’s broken pledge to support the will of the people tonight was one of those career-ending ‘read my lips’ moments,” yet Cruz himself remains defiant afterwards and invents new excuses for it. [29]

Why Islam and Israel can never be at peace: they can never bridge their fundamental differences, that go to their political structure. [30]

Delegates booed Ted Cruz and heckled his wife after Cruz refused to endorse Trump at the convention tonight. "On the donor suite level, people approached Cruz and insulted him, a source told CNN's Dana Bash. ... 'He's self-centered. It's all about Ted Cruz,'" observed the Republican national committeeman from Arkansas, Jonathan Barnett. [31]

What happened to "One America"? Rudy Giuliani asked that question at the Republican National Convention. But we should ask ourselves what happened to a lot of things in America. [32]

Intellectual and moral anarchy follows from moral relativism. Ironically, this killed the old Soviet Union. Will it also kill America? [33]

New Atheism is dead. The atheist movement is anemic. Now what?[34]

Cruz delegates throw a tantrum on the floor of the Republican National Convention, disrupting it as Leftists try to do. [35] Self-centered, delusional Cruz is doing the work of Hillary Clinton.

Amir Azarvan is selected as the presidential candidate for the American Solidarity Party after the ASP Convention 2016. [36]

Killer of 3 policemen had belonged to the Nation of Islam, and posted a video ranting against "crackers". [37]

Trump announces that he picked Mike Pence to unify the Republican Party, [38] but self-serving Ted Cruz continues to break his pledge to support the nominee, and Cruz continues his delusional campaign for 2020.

Preparing for the worst in case society collapses completely. [39]

Hillary Clinton getting off Scot-free shows the devil has now become the moral standard. Lay the blame on a wimpy church. [40]

"Pence opposes gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage and amnesty for immigrants." [41] But Ted Cruz and Cruzites refuse to support Trump-Pence, and instead continue Cruz's delusional run for 2020.

Presidential race is tied at 40%, in a poll conducted by the New York Times and CBS prior to the latest horrific terrorist attack in France.

Time for the Jews to gather in from Europe and elsewhere? Does Israel have a government adequate to that monumental task? [42]

Conservative Mike Pence is picked as VP by Donald Trump, according to reports.
UPDATE: Trump tweeted confirmation it's Pence.

Capitalism and socialism: those are the choices we face in this election. [43]

Is Barack Obama deliberately fomenting chaos to justify declaring martial law? Why did he create a Ready Reserve Corps and bury that in the Obamacare Bill? [44]

Barack Obama shows his true colors with his conduct in the Orlando shooting, the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, and other crimes. [45]

Conservative triumph on the GOP Platform, which for the first time includes building a Wall along the southern border. Liberal Republicans, encouraged by LGBT advocates, will file a minority report for the first time in 40 years, and attempt to force a debate before the full convention on Monday. [46]
UPDATE: the minority report collapses, in humiliation to the Cruz delegates who supported it.

Will 21st century cultural convergence grind down atheism at an accelerating pace?[47]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: all motions to advance the agenda in the Republican platform have been defeated during its general session today in Cleveland. Next up this afternoon: will the new inclusion into the platform of a Wall remain?

Ideological convergence will grind down atheism in the 21st century.[48]

Has Barack Obama really failed in his goals? Or has he actually succeeded in the goal of deliberately wrecking the country he leads? [49]

The University of Cincinnati is requiring all staff to take a diversity and inclusion pledge. Just don't expect conservatives to be included in their game plan. [50]

Update: Dallas Suspect’s Facebook Page Links To Black Panthers, Atheism.[51]

The Washington Post suggests Donald Trump might tap a retired general for Vice President. This would be counter to conventional wisdom that demands he must name a politician. [52]

Severe flooding overwhelms Kentucky. The Answers in Genesis Noah's ark replica called the Ark Encounter came through the flood fine as it was built to biblical standards.[53]

A mother on Conservapedia: "I suggest you go to, click on the link, "Atheism Is a Religion". Secularists are so quick to point out treachery done by "Christians", but at Conservapedia, there's extensive documentation of treachery done by non-theists to be found there. I'm not saying that you're among them, but like it or not it's reality."[54] See also: Moral failures of the atheist population

The young mass murderer had been active on Facebook in ranting against "whites". [55] Yet the lamestream media fails to explore a potential psychological effect of Facebook on attention-seekers who resort to mass murder.

Young earth creationist Ken Ham vs. atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers.[56]

Hillary Clinton skates on her violations of law. Is this an example of Divine judgment? [57]

Sniper who "wanted to kill white people -- especially white officers" shot 12 police officers in Dallas, killing 5. [58]

Homosexual activists constantly beat the drum about their rights but the rights of children are never considered. Kids raised by gay couples are twice as likely to become depressed and obese. [59]

Is delusional Ted Cruz asking for Donald Trump's endorsement for 2020 in their private meeting today? [60] More likely Trump is telling Ted that the train is leaving the station now, with or without Ted.

Alexander Hamilton would never have recognized the PLO, or its successor organization. Nor signed off on the Iran arms deal. [61]

Update from delusional Cruzites: instead of working to elect Donald Trump, Ted Cruz is already planning his run for president in 2020! [62] The mega-donors financing Cruz are globalists, not social conservatives.

Israel has clear title to all the ancient Jewish lands, by any reasonable standard. So why does Pope Francis deny this, and why would Benjamin Netanyahu give every appearance of going along with it? [63]

John Bachtell, national chairman of the Communist Party USA, is backing Hillary Clinton for president.[64]

In 1972, Hillary went to Berkeley to work as an intern at her hand-picked law firm: Treuhaft, Walker, and Bernstein. Founded by current or former members of the Communist Party USA.[65]

Time to re-declare our independence, not from any foreign enemy, but from enemies of liberty within. [66]

Massive student debt incurred with Worst College Majors gets a potential loophole for students to avoid paying, but only at for-profit colleges. [67]

Breitbart runs a story on biased "Wikipedia’s Seven Worst Moments." [68] "Far from the truth" is how many would view any denial of Wikipedia's bias, Breitbart adds.

Barack Obama didn't start the bloody history of Islam. But he has enabled it during his seven and a half years in office. [69]

FBI Director James B. Comey recommends no charges for Hillary Clinton for her email practices as Secretary of State. [70]

Comey indicates: "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions."

Double standard. Hillary Clinton is above the law.

Gallup poll: Patriotism rankings. Naturally Conservatives and Republicans lead the way. [71]

Total failure for "Never Trump": "The mainstream anti-Trump publication Politico has conceded that the Colorado-based #NeverTrump rebels have no chance of affecting the result at the Republican convention in Cleveland." [72]

Update on Worst College Majors: "Few Top Colleges Require History Majors to Study American History." [73]

Just like good politically correct liberals do, Wikipedia found it terribly difficult to understand Omar Mateen's motives. [74] Wikipedia editors do a bad job of educating the public to simple truths.

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