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Kiss the European Union goodbye!
Britain announced it will hold a referendum on whether to exit, which has "alarmed the Obama administration." [1]
Liberals are stunned at this failure in globalism, and setback to the homosexual agenda that depends on centralized government.

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Featured articles

In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

"New California declares 'independence' from rest of state." [2] Vast regions of the state want to separate from the liberal cities.

Breakdown of rule of law in France, while a Saudi Arabian prince buys landmarks there. More signs that Western civilization, especially in Europe, is under threat. [3]

Emily Greene, Communications Director and Chair of the Women's Caucus for the Young Democrats of Georgia, just published an article entitled I’m an Atheist — and No, I’m Not More Likely to Be a Serial Killer Than Anyone Else.

Apparently, Ms. Grrene has not read Conservapedia's articles entitled Atheism and psychopathy and List of atheist shooters and serial killers and Abortion and atheism and Atheism and mental illness and Atheism and mass murder and Young mass murderers and Atheism and violence

Question: Why do so many atheists and liberals hate science? See: Atheism and science and Liberals and superstition

Liberal strategy to force Trump to extend DACA by falsely calling him a racist does not seem to be working: Trump says DACA 'probably dead' because of Democrats." [4]

Hollywood tries to save the Earth, but moviegoers aren’t buying eco-messages anymore.[5]

Will eco-fake news based on fake science help bring down evolutionism and cause more atheists to abandon atheism? See: A key pillar of atheism will soon start crumbling faster

So The New Yorker thinks Donald Trump is playing power politics by declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel? They picked a militant Muslim to write the article and really think Islam has ties to Jerusalem when it has none. Typical Mainstream Media ignorance. [6]

Global Warming: Fake News from the Start.[7]

President Donald Trump, who is a fan of Sun Tzu, has been quietly/stealthily removing global warming alarmism material from government websites one site at a time via a hammer and chisel approach.[8]

Read also: Essay: A key pillar of atheism will soon start crumbling faster

A poll by Pew Research, a think-tank based in Washington, demonstrates how successful President Donald Trump has been in souring his fans’ attitudes towards the press.[9][10]

More liberal double standard: in 2013 RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham referred to Mexico and other countries as "hellholes", but the liberal media is just fine with that. [11]

The full lowdown on "Common Core" and its true purpose. Hint: it was never about no child being left behind. [12]

Is Germany's political left coming apart at the seams?[13]

Conservapedia proven right again!

Germany appears to be moving to the right politically.[14]

"The more conservative CSU, meanwhile, will likely prove the happiest with the policy paper, as it would ensure that the next government continues to take a tough line on immigration."

The women protesting "sexual harassment" in entertainment wore black to make their point. They forgot how this looked, and how it compared to the hijab Muslim women must wear. [15]

Video game news: man reportedly killed his own mother in California in anger instigated by his playing a video game. [16]

More liberal double standard: "Owls Dying Near Marijuana Farms," yet where's the outcry?? Legalized pot worsens this. [17]

Put liberals in charge of social media - like Twitter - and watch the free exchange of ideas vanish. Project Veritas exposes a dangerous threat to free speech, as Twitter deliberately shuts down conservative thought via "shadow banning": [18]

Have the globalists and the Mainstream Media been grooming Oprah Winfrey all this time? Possible... [19]

The test of a statesman and a politician is what one really cares about: one's country or one's image. [20]

Anti-Trump RINO Jeff Flake is quoted by the liberal media as supposedly confirming Trump's alleged derogatory statement against other countries, but Flake was not even there to witness anything! [21]

The Left's 1942.[22]

Lavish Obama Center hits mounting opposition in Chicago as professors blast plans, 'socially regressive' ideas.[23]

Other U.S. Presidents had presidential libraries. The Obama Center will have no books.[24]

3 anti-Trump Republicans and 3 Dems -- one so unpopular he won't stand for reelection, and another under federal indictment -- declare they have a "bipartisan" deal on immigration. [25]

Atheistic, Communist, Chinese Government Killed At Least 10,000 At Tiananmen Square Massacre, Newly Declassified Documents Claim.[26]

"The brutal massacre caused many Chinese intellectuals and other elites to lose faith in communism and embrace Christianity. Following the events, China's church has grown so large that the Communist Party fears its influence." - Professor Carsten Vala[27]

Refugee influx into Germany fueled violent crime surge.[28]

Herr Leftism, left of center politics in Germany will soon be kaput. Germans will insist on order![29]

Politico/Breitbart report on Tony Blair Institute declaring that right-wing populism is surging with no end in sight.[30][31]

With a gigantic wave of right-wing populism building, the fate of the HMS Leftism appears clear. Staunch leftists will go down with their ship because hardcore leftists always double down.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: most admired? The Mainstream Media have got to be kidding! [32]

Secular falsehoods, that derive from atheism, creep in when religion and politics stay separate. Time to re-evaluate that separation. [33]

The Tony Blair Institute states that right-wing populism is becoming the new normal with no end in sight for its surge.[34]

Remembering Andrei Sakharov, friend of Israel. [35]

Oprah Winfrey for President?!? The nation's professors, even with their professor values, have got to be kidding! Or are they? Or did a generation of moral relativism bring them to this pass? [36]

CBSNews commentary: "A government shutdown would be a loser for Democrats." [37] GOP seems unwilling to cave into extending DACA.

Benjamin Netanyahu knows the truth about Islam v. Israel. But he can't say it because people will say he's crazy. [38]

The Guardian: UK Nail bars are havens for modern slavery. UK men are spending on average £779 per year (about $1,053 USD a year) at nail salons! [39]

Effeminate British men are fueling a slavery crisis in the UK!

Britain's National Crime Agency said cases of forced labor affect "every large town and city in the country.”[40]

More liberal double standard: "Sorry Democrats=> At Least 18 Presidents Suffered From Mental Disorders and Were Not Removed from Office." [41]

Mourning in America. But it's not what you think! [42]

A Yale University professor of psychiatry presumes to diagnose Donald Trump. In so doing she violates a fifty-year-old rule of her profession. [43]

The real problem with debt in America: individuals and governments alike remain "debt peons." [44]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 25,000 last week. But did the money supply drive that value? [45]

The Constitution of the United States actually has Jewish roots. That might not seem apparent, given the disparity between the US Constitution and the Basic Law of Israel. Then again, they who set up the Republic of Israel did not exactly follow Jewish law when they wrote the Basic Law. [46]

More evidence that the atheist movement is weaker than it was 14 years ago.[47] See also: Google trends - Atheism and agnosticism terms

Liberal logic: "Portland To Spend $29 Million On Luxury Condos For The Poor." [48]

Israel must re-evaluate its posture toward its enemies. When they act like enemies, one should treat them as such. [49]

Why did California turn itself into a sanctuary State, to go along with sanctuary cities? Perhaps as a Cloward-Piven gambit? [50]

Behold modern psychology and its malaise. Deriving as it does from atheism, it now reduces to determinism, this in an era that allegedly champions liberty! God, and a return to Him, can correct this. [51]

Time to imagine a post-Ayatollah Iran. And not to miss an opportunity. Or have Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already thought of this? [52]

In 2017, the religious Philippines continued their winning streak in the major international beauty pageants. Irreligion is rare among Filipinos.

See: Atheists and physical attractiveness

Will the Philippines continue their winning streak in 2018?

Muslims are carrying their war against Israel – and the rest of civilization – into the classroom. [53]

Egypt may make atheism illegal.[54] See also: Atheism vs. Islam

Medical problems of "pain, vomiting and mental fog" increase due to more marijuana use, and "doctors can do little to relieve the symptoms." [55]

From the Left comes a definition that really applies to them: Fractal wrongness, or being wrong on every level of analysis. [56]

Did James Madison make a bad recommendation for separation of church and state? Has American politics suffered from a lack of pro-active consideration of God's Commandments in the civil law? [57]

Moderate Republican Josh Mandel, a favorite of the Koch brothers and Karl Rove, surprisingly exits the race for the Senate seat in Ohio, "creating the biggest political vacuum of 2018." [58]

Celebrating a spectacular first year for President Donald Trump in every field of statecraft. [59]

President Trump turns up the heat against Steve Bannon with this tweet today: "The Mercer Family recently dumped the leaker known as Sloppy Steve Bannon. Smart!" [60]

Sir Winston Churchill had the definitive replies to the Arab and Muslim critics of Israel when he sat before the Peel Commission. His arguments apply just as strongly today. Furthermore, we have fresh reason to praise Donald Trump: Trump imitates Churchill. [61]

"Trump rips 'Sloppy Steve' Bannon, 'phony' tell-all book one hour before it goes on sale." [62]

The Christian conservative Michele Bachmann says she's considering running for Al Franken's Senate seat.[63]

Niagara Falls -- a counterexample to an Old Earth due to its recognized young age -- freezes over for only the second time in the last 80 years, creating spectacular images.

Socialism, by any other name (like "Social Democracy") is still inimical to liberty.[64]

Another reason for choice in education: to produce a new generation of Senators and Representatives who respect the Constitution and American liberty. [65]

Delusional Dems? "Lawmakers briefed by Yale psychiatrist on Trump's mental health." [66] Yale and most liberal universities receive vast amounts of federal funding.

A reminder: conservatives should avoid gossip, even about the enemies of liberty and the Constitution. Malfeasance in office carries far more weight than certain sins out of office. [67]

North Korean communist Kim Jong Un brags that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. Tonight Trump tweets back: "Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!" [68]

Setback to the Establishment: the increasingly liberal Republican Orrin Hatch annoucnes his long-awaited retirement. [69] He calls himself a "fighter", but what was he fighting for??

"So we're at 3.3 percent GDP. I see no reason why we don't go to 4 percent, 5 percent, and even 6 percent ultimately" - Donald Trump.[70]

'''Financial Times: UK to remain a relative laggard among developed countries in 2018 with a growth rate of 1.5%.[71]

Darwinism caused Germany to become more aggressive and WWI and WWII weakened Britain.[72] See also: World War I and Darwinism and Social effects of the theory of evolution

Then post WWII, a weakened Britain was thrown out of India which declared its independence in 1947.

Will the British repent and embrace biblical creationism and the Protestant work ethic?

In China, the rapid growth of Christian believers is moving beyond what the atheistic, communist government can control.[73] See also: East Asia and global desecularization

Report: "Hillary Clinton backer paid $500G to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct before Election Day." [74]

Conservative of the Year 2017: President Donald Trump! Unlike fake news, we do not pick the winner before the year is complete.

Seven good reasons to be happy going into 2017. In addition to having Donald Trump for a President. [75]

Arrests, convictions and hefty prison sentences alone will not be enough to stamp out slavery in Britain, estimated to be home to tens of thousands of modern-day slaves,[76]

The solution is Christianization.

In Britain's more Christian past the British sang, "Britons never, never, never will be slaves."[77]

President Donald Trump's 2017 Top 10 Achievements.[78] See also: Donald Trump achievements

British atheist praises Conservapedia administator.[79]

Niagara Falls freezes over, as parts of the United States are colder than the surface of Mars. [80] Liberals predicted catastrophic global warming by 2018.

A protest against the chutzpah of Israeli Prime Ministers who give away that which God gave the Jews. Why does Netanyahu do this even after Donald Trump showed a new policy in Washington toward Israel? [81]

The year 2017 was a period of almost uniform “demise” and “retreat” for Europe’s political centre-left, The Guardian and New York Times newspapers have declared.[82]

Second coldest New Year's Eve ever for Times Square is forecast, to be tied with the temperature in 1962 of only 11 degrees Fahrenheit. [83] Global warming???

Liberal logic on display as U2's Bono complains that “music has gotten very girly,” and is savaged by liberals for it. [84]

Our "Unplug the NFL" racks up another win: "NFL Cancels Final Sunday Night Football Game" because almost no one would watch. [85]

British "government pleads with Prince Harry not to invite Barack Obama to his wedding." [86]

Setback for the global warming hoax: 53-inch snowfall in Pennsylvania shatters its record. [87]

5 major conservative victories in Latin America in 2017.[88] Olé! Olé! Olé!

The political right in the world continues its long winning streak. Chile elects a pro-life, right-wing president.[89]

Latin America's political right is on a decisive winning streak.

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