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Monty Gaither is the Arizona State Director of American Atheists organization. Mr. Gaither is a native Arizonan who resides in Phoenix."[1] As of January of 2011, Monty Gaither serves on the American Atheists board of directors.[2]

American Atheists and their challenges in terms of overweight leadership personnel

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Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the founder of the American Atheists organization, was overweight.[3] As of December 28, 2010 the pictures of some of the members of their board of directors showed members who were facing challenges in terms of their body weight. [4] The pictures of the American Atheists board of directors can be found HERE.

Members of the American Atheists board of directors who are overweight as of December 28, 2010 include: Richard Andrews, Monty Gaither, Blair Scott and Ann Zindler.[5]

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