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A Muslim or Moslem is a follower of Islam. It means someone who is "submissive to the will of Allah".[1] True Muslims must honor the Shahada, both submitting to the will of Allah and accepting the prophet Muhammad as his apostle.

The older terms "Mohammedan" or "Muhammedan" ("follower of Muhammad"), are offensive and has fallen out of use.[2]

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  1. see What do Muslims believe?
  2. Additional archaic terms for Muslims include "Hagarene", and "Saracen". Saracen as a term for Muslims was limited to the crusade era, although it makes frequent re-appearances in pre-modern polemics. Hagarene was a more common term in pre-modern works, as it denotes the biblical connection of Hagar the mother of Ishmael who is reported as the patriarch of Islam. Additional names for Muslims in pre-modern and Medieval works are generally derived from misspellings.