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Unguided evolution refers to the appearance of new species of life on the Earth without the intervention of God.

Opinion polls show that Americans make a distinction between evolution (1) not actually having happened at all, (2) having come about because of God's supernatural intervention, or (3) having come about purely by natural forces.

Polls have tended to show the same proportion of belief regardless of whether they are conducted by liberals or conservatives. About 15% of Americans believe in unguided evolution, while 80% reject it and 5% have no opinion[Citation Needed].

  • These numbers shows that skepticism that life developed via purely unguided evolutionary processes remains very high. [1]


Many evolutionists object to the term unguided evolution on the ground that the Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory which is concerned only with naturalistic causes and makes no reference to "guidance" other than the guiding effect of Natural Selection.


The concept of unguided evolution is important in the legal debates over evolution education in U.S. public schools. Evolutionists generally argue that evolution should be taught as a "fact" and without any discussion of whether it has been "guided" or not.


Poll results vary.

  • 9-12%: Humans developed, but God had no part in process. [2]
  • 18%: evolution took place without God playing a role (just teens polled) [3]

"Human beings have evolved, but God had no part in the process." [4]

  • All: 12%
  • Men: 17%
  • Women: 8%