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Newgroundsis a website where Flash animators and audio creators alike can post their creations to a portal so millions of people can have the chance to see it.

Daily awards are given to the top 5 scoring Flash animations/games. Weekly awards are also given out to the five top-scoring Flash animations/games for the week. Every month the top 2,000 users and Flash award winners get to vote on the best of the month. Cash awards and T-Shirts and other prizes are then awarded to the winners.

Newgrounds is notable for being containing extremely violent and inappropriate content. The most popular game in the website's history is "Hentai ~ SimGirls (beta)," which includes complete nudity and violence. There is also a collection of so-called Religion parodies, many of which are very hateful. However, there are a number Christian-themed movies, including God & the Scientists, an award-winning movie that ridicules secularism. There are also several devout Christians who are well known for their contributions. One popular artist, JAZZA, served at a mission for ten months until he had a serious injury and required surgery. [Who says?]