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|name=North Carolina State University
|name=North Carolina State University

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|name=North Carolina State University |image= |text=white |background=rgb(204,1,0) |type=Public |city=Raleigh, North Carolina |sports=baseball, basketball, cheerleaders, cross country, dance team, football, golf, rifle, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling[1] |colors=red, white |mascot=Wolfpack |website=http://www.ncsu.edu/ }} North Carolina State University (or NC State) is a North Carolina public university founded in 1887.[2] It ranked #85 in US News's 2008 "National Universities: Top Schools" list.[3] It is a constituent of the University of North Carolina system.[4]


NC State currently has 12 men's and 13 women's sports teams.[1] The football program has won 12 bowl games (while losing 10 and tying 1).[5] The men's basketball program has won 2 national championship.[6] Greatest Conservative Sports Star Phillip Rivers attended the school.