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Jump to: navigation, search is a free office suite program comparable to the venerable Microsoft Office. It features a word processing program, spreadsheets, slide show presentation, and graphics. It is written in Java so hypothetically, it can run on any operating system that can support Java 6 or above. As of June 21, 2011, it supports over 120 languages. It originally originated as StarOffice, made by StarDivision. Upon being taken over by Sun Microsystems, the same people who make Java, became the top competitor to Microsoft Office.

Components offers the following components:

  • Writer, similar to Microsoft Office Word.
  • Calc, a spreedsheet component with components not available in Microsoft Excel
  • Impress, a slide show presentation, comparable with Apple Keynote
  • Base, a database component.
  • Draw, a vector graphics editor, similar to manual logarithimic scales, but specifically designed to render such equations
  • Math, a mathmatical formulae comparable to Equation Editor. saves all it's files in its own specific extensions eg .odt, .omt etc It can export to PDF documentations.[1]


Sun Microsystems help distribute primarily as advertisements in Java Updates. In 2011, Sun and Google announced that in a partnership, in which searches through Google and Google helps distribute Most tech rating groups reviewed it favourably.[2]


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