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Painter (German: Maler, Spanish: Pintor, French: Peintre) is an artist or worker that paints. Painters have techniques and methods that typify an individual artist's work.

Painting is the art of applying color to a surface.

This month's painting project was so different from the way that I paint that I was a little intimidated by it. The first day I started on this painting turned out to be one of the most difficult creatively I've had. I had to stop painting and sleep on it to figure out how to proceed.
"Finally, I realized I was seeing this painting as I would using normal colors and that is why it wasn't working for me. I told myself that the colors I was using was "normal" for "this" painting and changed the way my mind's eye was looking at it. That's all it took and I was on my way to creating a powerfully expressive painting." Jane Kolbaska. [1]

Diego Rivera Making a fresco 1931.jpg

Diego Rivera, Making a fresco, (detail), 1931.

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