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Name Palladium
Symbol Pd
Atomic number 46
Atomic mass 106.42 amu
Classification Transition metal
Crystal structure FCC
Density 12.023 g/cm^3
Color Silvery white
Number of Stable Isotopes 7
Date of discovery 1802
Name of discoverer William Hyde Wollaston
Name origin After the asteroid Pallas
Uses Catalytic converters, blood sugar test strips.
Obtained from Platinum-group Ore bodies.

Palladium is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Pd and the atomic number 46. It is a rare transition metal that was discovered in 1803. Some of its many practical uses include catalysts, electronics, use in blood sugar test strips [1], coins, and photography. It is most often mined in the Ural Mountains, South Africa, and Ontario.

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