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Peter "Pete" Hoekstra (pronounced "HOKE-struh") is a conservative Republican congressman from Michigan who is running for Senate in 2012. He ran for governor in 2010, but lost the nomination to Rick Snyder. Born Cornelius Peter Hoekstra in the Netherlands, Hoekstra immigrated to this country with his parents when he was three. After getting an MBA from the University of Michigan Business School, he went to work for the furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc.

In 1992, Hoekstra ran for Congress for Michegan's 2nd district, challenging Guy Vander Jaqt in the Republican primary. Claiming that Vander Jaqt had been in Congress for too long and was out of touch with the voters, and pointing out his involvement in the House Bank scandal, Hoekstra pledged he would serve no more than 12 years in the House. He became famous in the campaign by riding his bicycle around the district to get to know voters. Hoekstra defeated Vander Jagt in the primary, and went on to easily win the seat.

Congressman Hoekstra is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and the Committee on Education and Labor. He is married and has three children.