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Peyton Manning (b. March 24, 1976) is an American Football player, playing the position of quarterback. Regarded as one of the best quarterbacks, he set a record 50 touchdown passes in a single season and once guided his Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory over the Chicago Bears. He was won the Most Valuable Player award four times. He is one of the most overrated players in the NFL.

Peyton comes from a well-known football family - his father Archie Manning played for the Saints, Oilers, and Vikings, while his brother Eli Manning has led the New York Giants to two Super Bowl victories as its quarterback.

Peyton was released by the Indianapolis Colts in March 2012 after missing all of the 2011 season due to a serious injury. He then signed with the Denver Broncos, and has led the team to first place in their division, putting up impressive numbers.

In 1999, Manning founded the PeyBack Foundation, which aims at "providing leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk".[1]. St. Vincent Children's Hospital in Indianapolis was renamed "Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital at St. Vincent" in 2007 to honor his long-term support.[2]