Post-Diluvian Diasporas

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The Post-Diluvian Diaspora describes the spread of animals after the Nachoian Flood from the resting place of the Ark on Mount Ararat to Australia, North America, South America, South East Asia, and Antarctica. The exact circumstances of how each kind of animal got to where it is today will never be known because the diaspora cannot be repeated.

Explanations for spread of animals

There are several possible explanations for how animals got to where they are today after leaving the Middle East.

A possibility is land bridges, such as the Bering Strait that evolutionists claim led to the colonization of North America.

Another comes from the example of Krakatoa, which in 1883 erupted and destroyed most of the island which remained lifeless for many years. But eventually the same life that was there before the eruption came back.

It is possible that volcanoes in the Mount Ararat region[1] were able to transport the smaller animals over much greater distances than the animals could get just by walking.

Another plausible theory is that animals were able to move by rafting, e.g. the sloth.

Young Earth Creationists who doubt the story of the flood agree these theories are credible and easily explain the vast diversity and specialization of life on earth[2].