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The pro-abortion (often labeled by liberals as "pro-choice" to avoid the uncomfortable use of the word abortion) position in the abortion debate maintains that the decision to give birth is entirely a personal one for the mother. It is literally a "matter of choice" with no one else, including the father or child, having a say. A doctor may advise, but only in a limited capacity. He ought not try to influence the pregnant woman, even if she's just a young girl. Advocates justify this position with the materialistic idea that a human being does not exist until after his complete birth (see partial-birth abortion).

Advocates use the misleading term pro-choice to promote abortion; by implying that it means pro-informed choice, when in fact some pro-choice supporters oppose informing women about the long-term medical harms of the operation.[Who says?]

By using the term "choice", abortion opponents falsely portray the issue as part of the overall separation of church and state argument, with pro-life people opposing religious freedom and freedom of conscience. Pro-life people reply that no-one has the right to 'choose' to kill a human being.

In 2008, Planned Parenthood performed nearly 135 abortions for every referral for adoption.[1]

The more accurate terms for people and organizations who support taxpayer-funded abortion, promote abortion, or otherwise oppose fetal rights are pro-abortion.

However, not all people who are pro-abortion support taxpayer funds for abortion. Some take an "in-between" position, saying that while they do not personally believe abortion is wrong, people who feel otherwise should not have to subsidize what they believe are thousands of murders of year. A few also oppose taxpayer funding purely on an economic basis. They feel that taxpayer funds should not cover any medical procedure, including abortion as well as Obamacare.

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