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Because of violence, vandalism, and other undesirable elements, this public school has a glaring sign warning of the on-campus surveillance cameras at its parking lot entrance.

Public school culture is an atmosphere fostered in public school,[1] especially in the most liberal of public schools, which is characterized by:

  • complete censorship of any classroom prayer
  • a lack of commitment to respect the religious civil rights of students has resulted in "religion-free zones." [2]
  • sex education, homosexual curriculum and sexual abuse by school personnel has been referred to as a "red-light district" for students [3]
  • a culture of incompetence [4][5]
  • fashion that includes all black clothing (Goth), teens dressed like prostitutes
  • facial piercings and rings, tattoos, and male earrings
  • depressed demeanors (a so-called "emo" culture amongst some teens)
  • an absence of objective morality; instead, a principal will say someone "made the wrong choice"
  • a sense of hopelessness
  • a lack of critical thinking about liberal indoctrination
  • compulsive profanity
  • general inability to look someone in the eye
  • lewd behavior euphemistically referred to as "PDA" or "Public Display of Affection" [6]
  • racial discrimination resulting from set cliques of racially homogeneous students [7]
  • tolerance of homosexuality due to school-supported and funded groups [8]
  • extreme anxiety
  • feeling that it is funny to be dumb
  • disruptive yelling
  • lack of supervision, class cutting
  • being so accustomed to censorship of ideas that there is genuine surprise when someone actually says something unfamiliar or politically incorrect
  • lack of awareness that prayer is censored in public schools and that teachers' unions are very liberal
  • smoking, alcohol and drug abuse
  • drug testing [9]
  • disrespect for teachers, taking advantage of substitute teachers
  • bullying, hazing, public humiliation
  • gang activity [10], weapon detectors, locker searches
  • lack of proper etiquette and manners
  • glorification of certain groups such as athletic teams and outcast of others
  • bitter hate for rival schools and their students
  • corrupt and abusive teachers and school administrators[11][12][13]
  • censorship of conservative sources of news and information
  • violence and school shootings
  • excessive network abuse
  • complete lack of awareness or involvement by parents
  • rampant cheating by students[14] and teachers[15]
  • cross-dressing - in schools plays, boys wearing girl jeans, powder puff sports, etc.
  • special concessions for certain ethnic groups and religions while Christianity is ignored
  • allowing students to opt-out of saying the Pledge of Allegiance
  • pregnant students being accepted by school officials, and sometimes even pregnancy pacts[16]
  • acceptance and sometimes even encouragement of abortion and birth control
  • a lack of respect for public property and other people's personal property, as seen by vandalism (e.g. defacing and/or inscribing obscenities into desks, lockers, etc.) and high rates of theft
  • disruptive pranks like false fire alarms have caused many schools to implement detection mechanisms such as surveillance cameras and tamper dyes.[17]
  • students impeding traffic by walking on roadways instead of walking on the sidewalk or on the grass going to and from the school bus stop.
  • disrespect for authority figures and high-ranking elected public officials[18]


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