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Rachel Maddow (b. 1973) is a left-wing American media personality. She previously worked for the now-defunct Air America radio network and is current news anchor for MSNBC. Maddow was an outspoken advocate for saving the fascist regime of Saddam Hussein under the Iraqi Ba'athists. Maddow has exploited the tragedies suffered by families and victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks to promote socialism and the unpopular Obamacare program.[1]

Maddow has a bachelors degree from Stanford University, and earned a doctorate from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. Maddow is one of the few openly gay personalities in the mainstream news media. Like almost everyone at the MSNBC network, she has a secular world view and uses her position in the media to advance her homosexual agenda. As a self described "commie lib" and follower of Barack Obama, Maddow has not been known to criticize any incumbent extreme leftist agendas. A rabid anti-Bush fanatic, Maddow openly derides Conservative values and the Republican Party. Maddow uses her show to deliver racist rants against outsourcing jobs to China and India.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Maddow frequently makes crude sexual innuendos in reference to the Tea Party.

In 2010, some liberal Democrats circulated rumors that Maddow might be drafted to run for the US Senate contest in Massachusetts for the 2012 election against Republican, Scott Brown. [8]

Conspiracy theorist

Maddow was insturmental in dreaming up the conspiracy theories about David and Charles Koch, two philantropic brothers known for their active support of the American Cancer Society, PBS, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other humanitarian an educational projects.[9]


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